The cyclists during their meeting with Indonesian Consul General in Karachi. Image Credit: Indonesian Consul General

Karachi: Two young cycling enthusiasts while pursuing their zero-emission journey on bicycles from East Java, Indonesia, to Makkah in Saudi Arabia have reached Karachi.

The Indonesian Consul General in Karachi, Dr June Kuncoro Hadiningrat, welcomed the cyclists who began their journey from Blitar, East Java, last month.

After passing through Batam in Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand, Ivan and Haikal arrived in Karachi on February 15.

The Indonesian Consul General in Karachi facilitated the accommodation of the cyclists, as well as assisted in the process of obtaining Iranian visas which would be used by both of them to enter Iranian territory through Balochistan.

The Consul General is concerned about the security of the cyclists during their trip to the border areas in Pakistan and advised them that they should always raise the Indonesian and Pakistani flags during the trip as a sign of bonding between the two friendly Muslim nations.

In addition, the Indonesian Consul General in Karachi will contact the Indonesian Embassy in Tehran to notify them about the cyclists.

On their way to the holy city, they would visit Iran.

On the occasion, the Indonesian Consul General also expressed his appreciation to the cyclists for their fighting spirit and dedication to reach the holiest place in Islam.

In his message, the Consul General said: “We are very pleased to welcome the arrival of these two cyclists from Indonesia in Karachi and provide full support during their stay in Pakistan, on their way to Makkah. We also hope that their journey will go smoothly and safely to reach the final destination. We hope that this trip will be a valuable and inspiring experience for them”.