Pakistan Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif
Pakistan Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif. Image Credit: AFP

Islamabad: Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has called upon the world to practically implement the COP27 Loss and Damage Fund and termed it a realisation of climate justice.

While addressing a ceremony ‘COP27 and Beyond: Pakistan’s Resilience Challenges,’ Sharif urged seriousness towards the challenge of climate change and warned what happened in Pakistan would not be restricted in Pakistan and might affect other parts of the world as well.

The event was organised as a follow-up of COP27 Conference held recently in Sharm Al Sheikh, Egypt.

“Our friends in the global north should realise and I am glad they have realised the importance of this challenge. That is why a remarkable agreement was made at Sharm Al Sheikh,” Sharif said. The loss and damage fund is now a reality but, it’s not about these agreements and understandings. It’s about practical implementation, he said.

Building on hope

In a tweet, Sharif reiterated his government’s commitment towards “resetting priorities” of his government for a bright future of Pakistan.

“My argument at the COP event was that the world needed to continue with a win-win approach to deliver on the landmark development. Transitional Committee has its plate full with time running out fast. We have to build on the hope by resetting our priorities for a bright future,” he said.

He lauded the efforts of various ministries, experts and unsung heroes who contributed immensely to realizing the 30-year-old dream of the loss & damage fund.

Beginning of a journey

The Prime Minister in another tweet said it was just the beginning of the journey. “Pakistan ably led the Global South in crafting a consensus towards climate justice. The journey has only begun,”

The prime minister appreciated the efforts of all those involved for achieving “which was almost impossible.” He highlighted that the unprecedented floods in Pakistan had affected 33 million, left 800 dead, and inflicted around $30 billion loss to the country’s agriculture, industry, infrastructure and livestock.

Climate Change Minister Sherry Rehman who had been instrumental in the dialogue process at COP27 and vocally advocated for establishment of the Loss & Damages Fund said resilience was key to a sustainable future and trajectory to growth. She said concerted public advocacy led to the agreement.

Later in a tweet also, she highlighted “Climate stress is re-setting our entire national agendas and capacities to face the 21st Century with adequate food, water, access to livelihoods with dignity, and rights.”

“It is all about climate justice, not charity. Developing countries lack resources to deal with climate change-induced disasters,” the minister stressed.