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Islamabad: Conflicting news about the lady in question, Bushra Maneka, and cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan’s proposal to her, continues to make rounds in Pakistani media.

The only truth which has come out yet is that Imran Khan did propose to her and Bushra’s former husband has now confirmed that Imran Khan did not play any role in breaking his marriage with Maneka.

Her husband also confirmed that he himself divorced her.

Khawar Fareed Maneka, former husband of Bushra Maneka, speaking to Pakistani media, has categorically denied statements that Imran Khan was responsible for the separation between him and his ex-wife.

Khawar said that he has not seen a woman as pious as his ex-wife.

Video message

“I want to clearly state about my former wife, Bushra Bibi, that I have not seen a woman as pious as her in the world,” he said in a video message.

He also termed Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan a noble gentleman.

“We consider Imran Khan a disciple of our spiritual family. It hurts me to hear such things about him because I have not seen a man as respectable as him,” he said about the PTI chairman.

Bushra’s husband came out with the account after PTI released an official statement saying that Khan had extended a marriage proposal to his ex-wife, Bushra Maneka.


When asked in an interview with Geo News TV if Imran was a reason for this divorce, he clarified: “No! Imran is not the reason for the divorce. There were some things related to spirituality between me and my ex-wife that led us to the decision to end the marriage.”

Khawar said that he had divorced his ex-wife himself and that she had not demanded ‘Khula’ (separation) from him. He said that they had spent 30 years of marriage as a happy marriage with Bushra, but there were some problems during last years that led to the divorce which was settled three months ago.

Meanwhile, son of Bushra Maneka has also come out with a statement, criticising media reports and clarified that his mother had never stepped out of the house without a veil.

PTI confirms Khan proposed to Maneka

As rumours of Pakistan’s opposition leader Imran Khan’s third marriage resurfaced, the party clarified on January 7 that Khan had proposed to Bushra Maneka, his spiritual mentor.

“Mr Khan proposed marriage to Ms Bushra Maneka; but Ms Maneka asked for time to make a final decision after consulting her family, including her children” the statement said.

“If and when the proposal is accepted by Ms Maneka for the marriage, Mr Khan will announce it publicly in the proper manner,” the statement said, requesting media “to give the two families, especially the children, their privacy.”


When did Khan meet Maneka?

Khan has sought out spiritual healing in the past whenever he finds himself in a difficult situation.

In August 2017, Khan was then advised by his Pir (faith healer) to seek spiritual guidance after media blitz following harassment allegation by lawmaker Ms Ayesha Gulalai who quit PTI after levelling allegations.

It was then that he was reported to travel all the way to Pakpattan in Punjab where he paid homage to saint Baba Fariduddin Ganjshakar at his shrine and spend few hours at the residence of his hosts who belong to Maneka clan with whom he shares a spiritual bond, according to a report published in Dawn.

Khan is known to be a regular visitor to the ancient town for the last two years where he reportedly met his spiritual mentor, Bushra Bibi.


Who is Bushra Maneka?

Bushra Maneka, in her late 40s, is a respected spiritual faith healer in Pakpattan. She belongs to a spiritual family.

In 2017, Bushra got divorced from her husband, Khawar Fareed Maneka, a senior customs official and son of former seasoned politician and Federal Minister Ghulam Farid Maneka. Both Maneka and Bushra are from southern Punjab.

She reportedly is the mother of three sons and two daughters, according to Pakistani media reports. Her sons, Musa Menaka and Ebrahim Maneka, graduated from Aitchison College in 2013 and pursued higher studies abroad while her eldest daughter Mehru Maneka is the daughter-in-law of son of Member of Provincial Assembly (MPA) Atta Maneka.

Bushra is now living with her mother in Lahore.

2 previous marriages

This would be the third marriage of cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan. He first married Jemima Goldsmith, a British socialite, in 1995 — a marriage that lasted nine years.

Khan and Jemima have two sons, Sulaiman and Qasim, who are living with their mother in London.

Khan’s second marriage with Reham Khan, a TV anchor, lasted only 10 months.