Samara Chaudhry
Samara Chaudhry Image Credit: Twitter

Days after the Rabi Pirzada scandal surfaced, another Pakistani celebrity’s private pictures and videos have leaked online.

Pakistani model Samara Chaudhry has had a number of her private videos leaked on social media.

Chaudhry, who has worked in television adverts and has done various modelling projects, is seen getting undressed in some clips while in others, she is completely nude.

It was reported that the videos were made sometime in 2018 in a Lahore hotel.

Samara is yet to comment on the issue.

An international news website reported that a gang is active in Lahore, hacking the phones of celebrities before leaking their private photos and videos. They also operate by allegedly selling the videos to international pornography sites.

The group allegedly target young women who work in the entertainment industry.

Rabi Pirzada all over again

While Chaudhry is the most recent victim of a cyber-security breach, pop singer Rabi Pirzada was targeted earlier this month.

The incident that happened with Rabi inspired a hashtag online, #iamrabipirzada, that social media users used to support the artist.

Reportedly, The phone-hacking prompted Rabi to approach the police where she explained that she had sold her phone and the nude videos were hacked from that device. She filed a complaint against the owners of the shop whom she sold her phone to.

After the scandal, Pirzada announced that she is leaving the entertainment industry.

The leak and theft of private data is a punishable offence under the Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act (PECA) of 2016, with a prison sentence of up to seven years and a fine of up to Rs. 10 million (Dh236,957) in Pakistan.