World’s largest marker pen
World’s largest marker pen Image Credit: Facebook

A man from the Indian state of Kerala just made the world’s biggest marker pen, and Guinness World Records (GWR) posted a video of it on Facebook.

The three-minute-long video posted on November 10 shows the making of the huge pen and how it is to write with it.

“Building the world’s biggest marker pen - India’s Muhammed Dileef’s got the write stuff,” said the caption.

Kerala resident Muhammed Dileef, from Ponnani, in the state of Kerala, told Indian news media websites that he wanted to make this record to inspire the new generation to read.

In the video, Dileef and a few others can be seen building the pen that measures 2.745 meters x 0.315 meters, and later writing the word ‘India’, with it.

According to the Guinness World Records website, the record was created on September 5 earlier this year.

Facebook users congratulated Dileef, and many jokingly asked him the price, while others tried to guess who would use such a huge pen.

“Great creativity,” wrote Facebook user Tamar Ustiashvili. And, another Facebook user, Abdikadir Aden asked: “Is it for the Hulk?”