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  • Shah Rukh Khan is praised on social media for calling India a "beautiful painting".
  • He describes differences as strengths.
  • SRK uploaded a video Monday, urging people to vote. 

Dubai: Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan earns praise from Indian tweeps after he described India’s diversity as a “beautiful painting”, where all colours come together, in a video interview that went viral.

Congress leader and documentary filmmaker Yasmin Kidwai uploaded a snippet of her interview with the star on Twitter, which received more than 117,000 views.

Khan’s interview is a part of Kidwai’s documentary titled ‘Filmisthaan - The Euphoric State of Bollywood on India and Our Intrinsic Pluralistic Culture’.

In the 30-second clip, Khan describes India as having no religion, just like art. He said: “There are 1,600 languages and dialects in our country… and every ten or 15 kilometres the dialects change.

“I don’t know how many hundreds of religions coexist here. Being diverse is a good thing. Being divisive is not. Like art has no religion. I think our country really, has no religion and all of them amalgamated together. India is a beautiful painting and all colours enhance each other.

“You take away one colour or start saying that this colour is better than the other … I think the painting is not a painting anymore.”

Many people reacted positively to the video clip and praised Khan for his analogy.

Tweep @harman_kb posted: “And people still question his love for his country, shame on the people who think like that.”

User @SRKsHarry referred to Khan as “India’s Pride”.

And @SoniAggarwal tweeted: “Well said! I wish @iamsrk would make a new age movie in which his character is basically him as in the person that he really is in interviews and chat shows. I can see Zoya Akhtar as the director.”

The popular video was even shared by the Indian National Congress’s official twitter account (@INCIndia) with the caption: “@iamsrk echoes what the Congress Party has been saying for many years now. India is one nation, made glorious by its diversity…”

The Indian general elections have started and many people have been very vocal about the party they are supporting, while encouraging people to vote.

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On April 22, Khan uploaded a catchy rap song on his official social media pages where he sings about the importance of casting one’s vote in the 2019 elections.

The song does not promote a political party but urges Indians to see that “Yeh desh hai hamara, yeah farz hai hamara” (This country is ours and its our duty to vote.)