Train at night
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In a miraculous escape, a two-year-old boy who got stuck between railway tracks survived unhurt despite a train passing over him in the Indian state of Haryana. A video of the incident went viral on social media, showing the child crying as he peered through the train wheels.

The goods train was about to reach Ballabgarh railway station in Faridabad district and was running at full speed when the train driver spotted a boy on the tracks. He immediately applied the emergency breaks, but by then, the train had already passed over the child.

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According to an Indian news channel, as soon the train stopped, the loco pilot Deewan Singh and his assistant Atul Anand jumped out to look at the situation of the child.

The child and his 14-year-old brother were playing near the railway station because the tracks were not busy, due to COVID-19. SK Srivastava, commercial manager of Agra Railway Division, said: "The 2-year-old and his brother must have been playing on the railway tracks when his elder brother left the child there.”

He added: "Getting him out wasn't easy. So, the loco pilots first tried to console the child and then slowly took him out of the narrow space.” "

They handed the child over to the mother, who had reached the scene by then.

Twitter users praised the loco pilot and his assistant for being alert and rescuing the child.

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Tweep @bdvps posted: “Thank you, God, for saving this cute boy. My heart broke when I saw the child under train... so happy that nothing happened to him."

Srivastava said that railway authorities were planning to reward the loco pilots for their presence of mind.