Screenshot of video that has gone viral on social media Image Credit: Twitter/@ANI

Dubai: A langur drove a bus in the Indian state of Karnataka and, yes, it looks exactly like you would imagine.

Indian news agency ANI tweeted the video that has gone viral, adding that the bus driver has been suspended for endangering the lives of the passengers.

A langur is a long-tailed arboreal Asian monkey with a characteristic loud call.

The Divisional Controller of the Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) said that the department is looking into the incident because of the number of calls they were receiving on the incident, even though there were no complaints filed against the driver.

In the video, the monkey can be seen perched on the steering wheel as the driver holds the wheel with one hand and caresses the monkey with the other. He occasionally shifts the gear, letting the monkey drive for a few minutes.

Despite the danger it posed to passengers, social media users could not help but draw a parallel between the incident and the political situation in the country.

@Subbu_06 tweeted: “Same is happening with the government there. Who gets suspended?”

@Bullish19 added: “No action against netas [politicians] who endanger the existence of a nation?”

Another Twitter user @ThamilarasuK wrote: “Comes very close to what is known as Automation in IT industry!”

However, many felt that the animal lover should have been let off with a warning instead of being suspended.

@AgrTweet wrote: “I would have transferred him from transport department to animal welfare (or forest) department with a bonus.”

@depalan agreed: “Good that action is taken and he is suspended, but clearly he is in the wrong job. This man is a sensitive animal lover (see how the langur trusts him) and could be an asset in wildlife related jobs. But unfortunately Indian authorities/decision makers are too incompetent to value these.”

However, most social media users refused to consider the action harmless.

@TheDrSammy: “This might look cute to some, but there are enough road accidents already. We don’t want an inattentive driver with distractions from a monkey. Think about a kid in a car or bike being hit because of this driver’s recklessness. Lives are precious.”