Screengrab of video going viral on social media Image Credit: Credit: Twitter/@PiyushRaiTOI

Dubai: A video showing a Hindu woman being beaten up by the police for being in the company of a Muslim man has set Twitter on fire.

The video posted by journalist @PiyushRaiTOI received thousands of retweets in a few hours, with tweeps expressing outrage at the fact that the common man was not safe from law enforcement authorities.

@PiyushRaiTOI shared the video and wrote: “Shocking video of the girl who was rescued by cops from Vishwa Hindu Parishad [right wing nationalist party] goons who were harassing a Meerut couple for Love Jihad. The cops after rescuing the girl began assaulting her in the police van calling her out for choosing a Muslim partner and made a video. @uppolice”

He added: “The incident happened on Sunday. The girl, after two spells of harassment and assault, was detained at the police station on NO charges and was let off in the evening only after her parents arrived. Meanwhile, the VHP thugs created ruckus and @uppolice looked the other way.”

WARNING: The video contains graphic language.

Tweeps were shocked at how the police did not fear any accountability as they went ahead to record a video harassing the girl in the police car. Many demanded that the officers be fired. Others also highlighted the fact that the government has been promoting their “Save your daughter, Educate your daughter” campaign, which went directly against the harassment being faced by daughters in India.

@AniKshirsagar wrote: “Take strong action and they should be suspended immediately. Is this your beti bachao?? @narendramodi”

@zoyarasul added: “Wait ... who is doing the recording? The one who is driving? Is it for getting promotion?”

Another Twitter user, @Nehr_who, felt that perhaps people should be saving their daughters from police officers.

Tweep @chinmayache wrote: “Shocking? Not shocking at all. This is the modus operandi of Indian Police. They are different on Twitter but in real life they are like this.”

Other social media users tried to get the attention of high-ranking politicians like Home Minister Rajnath Singh and External Affairs Minsiter Sushma Swaraj.

@eknazaridharbhi wrote: “@rajnathsingh Look at the audacity and bias of the police force in the video. How can you ensure safety of citizens when the people on duty behave in such a manner? @SushmaSwaraj aap bhi dekhein ye sab [You too take a look at all this]. Kudos.”

Others felt that such behaviour left little to distinguish between the police force and goons from political parties who lynch and harass common Indians.

@iamAKHTER wrote: “Is this the police ? What’s the difference between them and Bajrang Dal then?”

In the video, police officers are heard asking the woman why she was with a Muslim man when she is a Hindu. Tweeps called the attitude shameful, labelling the department “Saffron police”.

@medico956 tweeted: “@rajnathsingh Ji, this is the UP Police for you! Look at the driver saying “Mullah jyada pasand hai” [ You like the mullah more]! What a shame for a country that wants to be #Vishavguru [World leader]! WHY is the opposition sleeping?”

@AshimaSingh9 added: “This is why, seeing a policeman in India doesn’t give you relief or sense of security but fear. Shouldn’t they be protecting people against assault? They themselves are assaulting people. Does UP police get a training in communalism? Absolutely disgusting and shocking!!”

@MrsNair1947 spoke out in support of a person’s right to choose who they marry: “Really sad. People can choose their partners or not in this country? I believe that right is ensured by the constitution. After 18, even parents cannot interfere in individual choices. Rest remains on their familial equations. Too bad and absolutely shameful.”

@AhamAshok questioned: “How are these guys filled with so much hatred. Living inside a cocoon all their life. Look at where the world is progressing and these fellows and their regressive sanskar [morals] cacophony.”

@MKBIAF tweeted: “This is outrageous. How can they do that? @Uppolice I know there is no word like ‘credibility’ in your dictionary but has ‘humanity’ been removed too? Shame on those who are involved and those who are supposed to command them.”

Reacting to the public outrage, UP Police suspended the woman constable seen beating the girl and tweeted: “With reference to a video by staff of PRV 561 in PS Medical Meerut, HC Salek Chand, Constable Neetu Singh, lady Constable Priyanka have been suspended. A report regarding the HG Sainserpal has been sent to District Commandant Home Guard. Such behaviour shall never be tolerated.”