Woman cooks 67 dishes
Woman cooks 67 dishes for son-in-law in India Image Credit: Twitter

While Indian mother-in-laws are known to go to great lengths to pamper their daughters’ husbands, a woman in Andhra Pradesh took her dedication to the next level after cooking 67 items for her son-in-law.

A video of the woman proudly showcasing her five-course lunch with 67 items went viral online and netizens were impressed. However, it also triggered a debate about the “luxuries” of being an Indian son-in-law.

On July 8, the clip was shared on Twitter by user Ananth Rupanagudi, @rananth, with the caption: "This lady has prepared a 67-item Andhra five-course lunch for her visiting son-in-law, consisting of a welcome drink, starters, chaat, main course and desserts! Wow! #banquet”

The video soon went viral and it has so far garnered over 150,000 views.

The clip shows the woman identifying each dish that includes drinks, appetisers, recreations of popular street food, main dishes and desserts.

The video ends with a lengthy handwritten menu listing all 67 items.

Hundreds of tweeps commented on the video and while some made jokes, others had some questions.

Twitter user @vonbrauckmann wrote: “I'm coming back in my next life as an Indian son-in-law!”

User @nandam4422 tweeted: “Trust me it is a luxury to be an Indian son-in-law, but horrendous for your waistline!”

Many debated about the treatment son-in-laws get in India and deemed such rituals outdated.

Tweep @UnitedIndians4 asked: "What is 'Wow!' about this? It's ridiculous! Why should a son-in-law be made to feel like he's ...? Has he done that family a huge favour by marrying their daughter?”

While, Twitter user @CAThangavelM suggested: “The son-in-law should be taught to make all this items as well. So that he can cook for his wife and his parents later.”

User @samanwaya_et tweeted in response to the clip: "This is also normalising [...] practices which should not exist in this day and age."