Tiger attacks man
Image Credit: Screengrab

A tiger being chased by a lynch mob fought back when a group of villagers tried to shoo away the big cat with sticks and rods in a village in the Indian state of Maharashtra.

A terrifying moment came when one of the men fell on the ground during a chase and the ferocious tiger pounced on him.

The heart-stopping video was recorded on a mobile camera which was then uploaded on social media.

It was not immediately clear what happened to the man, but it appears that the tiger didn’t kill him.

The tiger ran away, after the mob came close to the powerful cat.

A Facebook post made by Indian Express on Saturday shows the mob armed with sticks attacking the feline, in an extreme form of human-wildlife conflict.

Tiger attacks in India and Bangladesh are not uncommon. Up to 50 people are killed every year in such attacks as many villages encircle the tiger reserves.