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Complainant reports robbery by woman; gold, silver & Rs 25,000 taken. Image Credit: i stock

New Delhi: Citing "lack of love", a 31-year-old woman allegedly stole cash and jewellery from her mother's house in west Delhi, police said on Sunday.

The incident came to light on January 30, when police received a complaint regarding a theft at a house in Uttam Nagar area.

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The complainant told police that at 2 p.m., a woman wearing a burqa, entered her house and left her house at 2.30 p.m, taking way her gold, silver and Rs 25,000 in cash.

Deputy Commissioner of Police, Dwarka, Ankit Singh said that the police team, tasked to crack the case, found that there was no forced entry into the house by the suspect, nor the door of the almirah was found broken.

After a technical investigation, the police team arrested the elder daughter of the complainant.

"She confessed to her crime and told police that her mother loves her younger daughter more. She also said that she was also facing financial issues following which she hatched a conspiracy to steal her own and her sister's jewellery from her mother's house," the DCP said.

In January, she had asked her mother to help her to relocate her house from Mohan Garden area to Uttam Nagar.

"On January 30, she cleverly stole the keys of her mother's house, when she was packing her goods back in her home," the DCP said.

The accused first went to a public toilet, where she changed her clothes and then went to her mother's house to execute the plan. "The jewellery which she had sold to a local jeweller has been recovered," he added.