Buildings in Thiruvanathapuram, Kerala Image Credit: Gulf News

Kerala, India has made it to the list of top places to visit in 2020 by Airbnb. Based on booking data, the company has released a list of countries, cities and states to visit across the world.

If you are looking to choose vacation spots for the coming year, this will especially interest you. Airbnb has specifically chosen places that are rich in culture, lesser known and eco-conscious around the planet. They also aim to highlight places that are benefiting from an increase in sustainable tourism. They describe this year’s list as “full of surprises and hidden gems".

Some of them include Guadalajara in Mexico, Courtenay in Canada, Malindi in Kenya, Maastricht in Netherlands and Buriram in Thailand.

Why is Kerala a great destination to visit in 2020?

The Indian state of Kerala is known for its palm-lined coast, rolling coffee plantations and stunning Arabian Sea views.

It has an array of beaches, lakes, mountains and waterfalls, Kerala is home to some of the best eco-friendly destinations on the subcontinent. The state runs a Responsible Tourism program encouraging residents and visitors alike to enjoy the culture of the place while also conserving it. lists a number of places and activities to look out for when you visit.

This includes Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary. It is around 32 km from Thiruvananthapuram, the capital of Kerala. The sanctuary it holds 12,000 hectares of natural vegetation.

Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary
Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary Image Credit: Kerala Tourism

The Bathery Jain Temple, which dates back to the 13th century, is said to have been built in the prevalent architectural style of the then reigning Vijayanagar Dynasty. It is one of the holiest sites for Jainism across India lies in the beautiful hills of Sulthan Bathery town.

Bathery Jain Temple
Bathery Jain Temple Image Credit: Kerala Tourism

Chithari. It is a secluded backwater destination which is lesser known to the outside world but is highly recommended by all locals.

Chithari - a small tropical Island Chithari
Chithari - a small tropical Island Image Credit: Kerala Tourism

And if you are a wildlife photographer, Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary might be the place for you. It features a cluster of scenic islands, beautiful hills and rare avian species of birds.

Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary
Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary Image Credit: Kerala Tourism