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Sanjeevv Bhatia seen with his family in Dubai

Addressing unmet needs through innovation in BMS has allowed Sanjeevv Bhatia, Chairman, SB Group and CEO, Netix Global BV to pioneer market leading ventures in the space

A ceaseless and ambitious serial entrepreneur, Sanjeevv Bhatia is the Chairman of SB Group and CEO of Netix Global BV, an Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions provider, with a strong focus on solutions for sustainable smart buildings, smart cities and energy efficiency, including the intelligent Integrated Command & Control Centre (iICCC) for remote monitoring & management of facilities.

He is the force behind an impressive portfolio of companies, offering cutting-edge technology and services across the Middle East, Europe, Asia Pacific and the US. Sanjeevv is also the Managing Director and Partner at Teknoware Middle East, and CEO of ODS Global DMCC, Exenture Global BV, Netix Global BV and Exenture Films India Pvt Ltd. Sanjeevv’s urge to address unmet needs through innovation has found expression in an array of market leading ventures.

From watches to cars, everything in the modern world seems to be getting smarter, and thus the buildings in which we live and work are also becoming more intelligent. The office spaces of today sound a lot like the Avengers tower of tomorrow, with AI, movement tracking sensors, and IoT connectivity. While intelligent buildings might tick many boxes, they are also unleashing a revolution in improved ventilation, air quality, and energy savings.

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In recent years, unbeknownst to many, IoT has gradually permeated business, industry, and households. As people sought greater connectivity, IoT devices were the go-to solutions. This structural trend found greater impetus following the Covid-19 outbreak as the need for smarter, healthier and safer spaces began to dawn on people. Thus, in 2022 with the post-pandemic revival in full swing, the overwhelming consensus for IoT adoption translates to action.

Headquartered as Netix Global BV in Schiphol-Rijk (Netherlands), Netix is the leading solutions provider that specialises in the digital excellence of energy management and automation in homes, buildings, data centres, infrastructure development and various industries. Building on the strength of an open-framework-powered Niagara, and IoT technology driven approach, Netix is a premier provider of best-in-class building automation systems, solutions and services.

A Tridium Gold Partner, Netix’s comprehensive industry expertise ranges from design, engineering, integration, connectivity, testing, commissioning, and maintenance of smart building ecosystems, and their components. The company’s products and services include Netix Konnect- Intelligent Integrated Command Control Centre (iICCC); NETIX Uniview SUPRA, a feature-rich supervisory software suite built on the Niagara platform; Managed services offering predictive maintenance for both buildings & machinery, Smart Metering solutions and more.

By leveraging Netix Konnect, an IoT- and AI-enabled technology infused with machine learning analytics, Netix is pioneering digital excellence and driving environmental, social and governance, or ESG. Netix Konnect is a full featured, cloud-based asset and energy management software engineered and designed for reducing risk and downtime, optimising cost, time and energy across buildings and cities.

The Al-powered platform is designed to increase the efficiency, sustainability, and reliability of building spaces and convert aging facilities into smart spaces, as well as help design new smart and sustainable buildings and cities. The platform utilises pre-configured, condition-based algorithms, Al/ML analytics, fault detection, and diagnostics to carry out equipment analysis of connected assets and property spaces to identify alerts and causes.

With the Netix Konnect platform, property owners/ facility managers can now overcome vendor-lock ins and protocols, and are enabled with a complete detailed holistic view of their facilities at just a touch of their fingers. The proven versatility and scalability of the modular design makes the solution stand out, with real-time analytics and improving operations and maintenance, thereby offering the best standard. Netix also offers finance options for clients or stakeholders interested in deferred payments or performance based contracts over three, five or ten year payback options.

Prioritising safety in this era of technological evolution, Teknoware, with more than 51 years of experience, continues its legacy as one of the leading emergency lighting manufacturers. As a significant technological innovator of emergency lighting systems for buildings, ships and other locations, Teknoware thrives in delivering exceedingly recognised technology that enables infrastructure to be safer and smarter.