Poha Image Credit: Shutterstock

Poha, a simple breakfast dish made of flattened rice in several parts of India, is trending on the internet. Why? Recently, Indigo Airlines, an Indian carrier, called the popular dish a salad in a recent in-flight menu advertisement on Twitter.

The “salad” picture was of a bowl of poha with someone squeezing a lemon on top.

“Fresh salads. Made today, served today,” reads the text in the image.

“Salads that are prepared and served on the same day, do try them. You’ll toss everything else away,” reads the post’s caption.

Twitter users are trolling IndiGo Airlines for not knowing the difference between a poha and a salad.

As soon as Indigo declared Poha as fresh salad, Poha aficionados declared Indore, the Poha capital of India, as the salad capital.

A Twitter user takes a dictionary definition to explain the difference between poha and salad.

@aniket0608 commented: “The International Poha Connoisseurs Committee (IPCC) has taken cognisance of this audacious attack on Poha’s core values. An appropriate response in a separate note shall be released soon. Meanwhile, IPCC has also requested a special UNGA session to register their protest.”

Recently, a Malaysian restaurant also called Indian “pappads” as “Asian nachos” and created a stir on the internet, with many calling it a culinary crime.

So, if you want to try Poha and easy salads, check out these recipes on how to do it right.