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Dubai: Bollywood actor-turned-politician Hema Malini’s poll campaign has gone viral on social media, but for all the wrong reasons.

The actress, popularly known as ‘dream girl’ is running for elections from the constituency of Mathura, in Uttar Pradesh, and the member of parliament from Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has received a lot of flak online for using farm equipment as props during her photo-ops.

From posing with a sickle, pretending to harvest crops, to flashing a victory sign while sitting on a tractor, the pictures have become the source of several online jokes.

Tweep @Deepak_k_selvam shared a video showing the actress stepping out of a helicopter to sit in a sedan. As she is about to sit, she complains and asks if there isn’t a bigger car that she can sit in. The team around her then quickly arranges for a bigger sports utility vehicle.

The actress then sits in the passenger seat but quickly steps out, asking someone to fix the car seat first. She then finally sits asking the organisers how long it will take to reach the event she is scheduled for. She is heard saying: “No road shows. You’ll take me straight to the stage otherwise I will come back. I’ve got so many other things to do”

The Twitter user commented: “This is #HemaMalini for you. If we keep giving votes for such people they will keep coming in helicopters and wave their hand and leave. They will never try to understand the ground reality. #LokSabhaElections2019”

In another video shared by the same tweep, she can be seen not providing details of how much she has done for the constituency in the past five years. He wrote: “Not even in one interview was she able to tell the things she has done for her constituency. Such an empty head and the way she answers we can understand what she has done. #LokSabhaElection2019”

Reacting to the number of photographs doing the rounds on social media, journalist @NihaMasih tweeted: “I think we need a separate Twitter for Hema Malini.”

Even BJP supporters spoke out against the politician’s apparent disconnect with her voters’ lives.

Tweep @sahayaakash wrotre: “I support BJP with my heart but why the show? Hema Malini, what do you want to prove?”

Another tweep @Purusharth6 added: “What arrogance! She needs to be kicked out. Such arrogant creatures should have no place in politics. Modi Ji, please kick her out!!!”


In an interview with news channel NDTV, the actress found nothing wrong in putting up an act for elections. She said: “I am an actress, I am a celebrity. I would not get such an environment in Mumbai. When I go from village to village, I get to see this. It feels very good. So if I went to the farm and harvested the crops, even if it was an act I really liked it. I enjoyed it, so what’s objectionable in it?”

No actors, please

Tweep @GopalCEX said that this showed why actors should not switch to politics. He wrote: “A glaring example why BJP should refrain from giving tickets to cine stars - they can never be serious politicians.”

Tweep @sandipshettyyer added: “Not only BJP, but all political parties. Waste of a complete Lok Sabha or Rajya Sabha seat [lower and upper house of parliament]! They continue acting, doing ads, TV shows. No time for their constituents!”

Minting money

Other users also shared recent news articles showing a jump in overall assets of the actress, questioning the work she was doing as a politician.

Tweep @Rita_Banerji wrote: “RTI [Right to information petition] revealed that Hema Malini got Rs 70 crore [Dh37 million] land for Rs 1.75 lakh [Dh9,284]. This is why people join politics in India - to grab wealth and do no work. These are public servants. Citizens have the power to fire them and clean government. Protest loudly.”