India: Viral video shows man thrashing woman on a street in Uttar Pradesh
India: Video shows man thrashing woman on a UP street Image Credit: Twitter

Today, a shocking video went viral in India, showing an elderly woman being beaten up by a man on the streets of Ghaziabad, in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. While Twitter users said she was allegedly thrashed for resisting an eve-teasing attempt, the Uttar Pradesh police have not confirmed the allegation.

Indian tweep @saurabh3vedi shared the video on Twitter and wrote: “An elderly woman was brutally assaulted in Kavi Nagar area of #Ghaziabad after she raised her voice against the eve-teasing of her daughter by the same man.”

The CCTV footage, which went viral on multiple social media platforms, shows a man running behind the woman. As she trips and falls, he beats her up brutally. He then goes on to pick up a chair kept outside a shop nearby and thrashes her with it.

Social media users are shocked not just at the brutality visible in the video, but, also the fact that onlookers did nothing to help the woman. Apart from one woman who was seen reacting, towards the end of the video.

Tweep @abhisinghdhn asked: “… what are those people doing over there? They should have stopped the maniac and handed him over to the police. We are at blame. Police are also part of our society. It's a dead society with dead consciousness.”

And @unitedCADM added: “Agree… No police, no government can teach you morality and ethics, that is the responsibility of the individual and society.”

@smartpiyush tweeted: “Really appalled at the bystanders and their complete disregard of their civic duty. No words…”

Facebook user Aditya Rajan posted: “Why is violence normalised in our country? Why are we not able to stop such crimes when they happen in front of our eyes? Is it because we are scared for our own safety afterwards? Doesn’t it mean that our law and order system has failed us?”

After the video went viral on Twitter, Ghaziabad police took to Twitter to say that the incident happened on September 12. They also said that action had been taken and the man visible in the video was already under arrest and was being interrogated for further details.

In a tweet written in Hindi, the police said that the First Information Report (FIR) filed by the complainant only mentions about the physical violence and nothing about eve-teasing. The police said that the woman had alleged that she was beaten up by some youngsters in her complaint. And, the man who was arrested is being probed for further details.