Photo for illustrative purposes Image Credit: Pixabay

This week, a disturbing incident of animal cruelty took place in a village, in the Indian state of Telangana. A monkey was killed by hanging, by the villagers. A video of the June 26 incident has gone viral on Twitter, sparking outrage at the inhumane treatment of the animal, and the reason behind the crime.

According to news reports, several monkeys were raiding the teak plantation, fields and houses in a Khammam village, over the last few days. The villagers tried to chase the animals away. In a bid to “warn other monkeys”, the villagers caught one of the monkeys, and hung it from a tree.

Twitter user @streetdogsof tweeted: “ #Monkey hanged … to scare other simians… people blame that monkeys come in their areas. Really? We have occupied all forests.”

@itsdhanashree tweeted: “We humans are so sick.”

The disturbing video shows the monkey beating his hands around and struggling to breathe. Two dogs were also released to scare it. However, while one dog barks at the monkey for a few seconds, and runs away, the other seems perplexed and looks around with concern.

Tweep @grihini posted: “Those two dogs are showing signs of concern...”

And, @PAgarwal01 posted: “What has happened to people these days? Where has humanity gone? Look at the dogs they are better than we humans.”

However, the men remained unmoved, and were even holding long wooden sticks. It is unclear if they beat the monkey.

According to a news report on “Sathupalli Forest Range Officer (FRO) A Venkateswaralu said three persons were picked up for brutally killing of monkey. He said a case under Wildlife Protection Act (WPA) was registered against them. According to information available, a group of monkeys that regularly enter fields, was moving around the house of a farmer.”

Apparently, while three people were arrested, they were later released on bail. Tweep @asharmeet02 posted an update: “A Preliminary Offence Report has been registered in this regard by Khammam Forest Dept under Sections 9 and 51 of Wildlife Protection Act, 1972. All three perpetrators were arrested but later released on bail. Cases like these yet again highlight the need for stronger laws.”

Coming just a few weeks after the death of a pregnant elephant in Kerala, after it swallowed a pineapple stuffed with explosives, this incident has again raised a discussion on animal cruelty in the country.

Tagging animal rights groups and activists, tweep @Anivalayanghat posted: “Request Peta (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) authorities and Smt. Maneka Gandhi to enquire into the incident… and severely punish the culprits so that such a heinous acts never happens again...”