A player holding a smartphone with Player's Unknown Battleground, also known as PUBG online shooting gaming. Image Credit: Agency

Dubai: A 15-year-old boy, in the Indian capital of Delhi, was so addicted to the online game PUBG (Player Unknown's Battlegrounds) that he allegedly transferred Rs2.3 lakh (Dh11,480) from his grandfather’s pension account to fund his game, over two months. The teenager’s grandfather came to know that the money was missing, only after Rs275 (Dh13) were left in his bank account. Sharing the news reports on Tuesday, social media users discussed how youngsters were taking the addiction too far.

According to a report on an Indian news website, the cyber cell of Delhi Police said that the 15-year-old boy transferred money from the pension account of his grandfather, and used the money for in-app purchases in his PUBG game account.

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Recently, the elderly man received a message on his mobile phone that Rs2,500 (Dh124) had been debited from his account, with the account balance at Rs275. Suspecting a fraud, he immediately approached his bank where he was informed that the amount had been transferred from his pension account.

The man approached police, and said that he had not carried out any such transaction. He added that he did not receive any one-time password (OTP), either.

After the man complained to the police, the cyber police found that the money was being transferred to the mobile wallet of a person named Pankaj Kumar, who was later found to be his grandson’s acquaintance.

According to an Indian news report: “The police discovered that the payments were being made to a Paytm (mobile wallet) account registered in the name of a 23-year-old Pankaj Kumar. The cyber cell apprehended Pankaj Kumar. After interrogating him they found that one of his friends had asked him for the ID and password of his Paytm account.”

The police found that the person had used Kumar’s account to make payments on Google Play for PUBG. And, that it was none other than the complainant’s 15-year-old grandson.

The teenager was apprehended, and he admitted to the police that he had transferred the amount from his grandfather’s account for the online game.

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The teen said he used to delete OTP messages from his grandfather’s mobile phone to avoid suspicion of hacking of bank account.