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Priyanka Reddy was brutally raped and murdered by 2 persons who offered to help her Image Credit: Social Media


  • Priyanka Reddy, a 27-year-old veterinary doctor, was allegedly raped, murdered 
  • Her body was torched on Thursday night, said police
  • Family members demand that the accused be burnt alive in full public glare

Dubai: Another brutal rape and murder in India left social media users outraged, after the charred body of a 27-year-old veterinarian, identified as Priyanka Reddy, was found near Shadnagar town in Hyderabad.

On Twitter, #PriyankaReddy and #JusticeforPriyanka were top online trends as people used the hashtags to discuss the “horrific” incident.

What happened?

According to the story published in Gulf News, the victim is suspected to have been gang raped, and murdered by two persons who offered to help repair the victim’s punctured two-wheeler.

Her body was dumped and burnt 25 km away at Chatanpally Bridge near Shadnagar town in Ranga Reddy district.

Social media reactions:

Online users were left furious and were quick to blame the government for not having strict laws in place that protected women against rape. Women’s safety in India was a unanimous concern among users.

 Priyanka Reddy's b
Cops check the spot Priyanka Reddy's body was reportedly found. Her charred body was found on Thursday near Shadnagar town. Image Credit: Twitter

Tweep @TigerRajaSingh posted: “Another incident where a women is burnt after rape has been recovered from the same area that of #PriyankaReddy on the outskirts of Hyderabad. What is the plan of action to stop such crimes against women…? Time to act quickly #JusticeforIndianWomen.”

Tweep @theskindoctor13 posted: “#PriyankaReddy case is just a drop in the ocean. It's another wake up call to the fact that 25,000+ rapes are reported annually in India and about 150,000 are still awaiting justice. All this was discussed during #Nirbhaya case too and we've achieved nothing since then so far.”

And tweep @Sanginamby posted: “Women are not safe at 9pm. Women are not safe at 12 noon. Women are not safe at 9 am Women are not safe in India. Period. #Priyankareddy”

Many celebrities also condemned the incident.

Indian writer and celebrity Priya Malik (@PriyaSometimes) posted: “It doesn't matter that it was ‘only 9pm’. It doesn't matter that she was ‘just returning from work’. It doesn't matter that she was a doctor. What matters is that our women regardless of their timing, purpose and occupation need to feel safe #PriyankaReddy.”

Bollywood actress Swara Bhasker called the incident “horrific”. She tweeted from her official handle @ReallySwara: “…Numbed and shocked that as a society we continue to display our brutality! Instead of our humanity uniting us across religious and creed divisions, it seems our monstrosity unites us! Shame! #JusticeForPriyankaReddy.”

Actor Akhil Akkineni posted: “Disturbed to the core regarding the news of #Priyankareddy how many more? Seriously needs to stop. India needs to put a stop to this! Our women need to feel safe for heavens sake! #RIPPriyankaReddy.”

Another Nirbhaya case?

Social media users compared this incident to that of the brutal Nirbhaya rape case, that took place in India in 2012. The incident sent shockwaves in India and around the world.

Twitter user @Ravigupta_0 posted: “Speechless, shocked, ashamed , angry…The judiciary, police, governments, society… It's a big failure. We can't protect our daughters, our sisters, our friends. From Nirbhaya to Priyanka, …#Priyankareddy.”

And tweep @knsravan_ posted: “After #PriyankaReddy incident…. As a brother I am scared. As a citizen I am Angry…. From Nirbhaya to Priyanka what changed in last seven years?”