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Dubai: What would you do if a snake crawls into your clothes as you are asleep? Apparently, in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, a shocked young man found that a snake had slithered into the jeans he was wearing, in the middle of the night, on July 29.

After realising this, he stood for a whole night without moving, so as to not disturb the snake, till a snake charmer helped rescue him, by cutting through his clothes the next morning.

Yesterday, Twitter users in India shared the "funny yet scary" incident that took place in Sikandarpur village in Uttar Pradesh's Mirzapur, according to media reports.

Cobra slithers into sleeping man's jeans
Image Credit: Twitter

Apparently, a group of labourers who were working on installing electricity poles and wires had gone to sleep after dinner. Lovekesh Kumar, one of the workers, was also sleeping, but, woke up around midnight, to realise that a snake had crawled into his pants.

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Many have shared the video of Kumar, who nervously held on to a pillar for seven hours before he could alert co-workers, the following morning.

A snake catcher was called, and the video shows people carefully cutting open Kumar's pants to free both the worker and the snake, which turned out to be a cobra. Twitter users also shared video clips of the serpent.

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While some found the situation hilarious, others said they were glad the man was not bitten.

Tweep @leofsaldanha posted: “Will you stand seven hours with a cobra in your pants? This man must be awarded for his calmness, in the slithering embrace of potential nastiness! Wonder what happened to this adventurous snake.”