Indian Home Minister Amit Shah
Indian Home Minister Amit Shah Image Credit: AP

New Delhi: Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Saturday dismissed rumours about his ill-health, saying that he is healthy and has been working as the country fights coronavirus crisis.

"I am completely healthy and am not suffering from any disease," Shah tweeted in Hindi.

In his post, the Home Minister said that he had noticed that over the past few days some people on social media had spread rumours about his health. So much so, he said, that some had even tweeted praying for his death.

"The country is right now fighting a global epidemic like corona and as the home minister of the country I keep busy and did not pay attention to all of this. When this came to my notice, I thought let all these people enjoy their imaginary thoughts and this is why I did not give any clarification," Shah elaborated.

Over the last few days, rumours had started doing rounds on social media that the Union Home Minister had not been keeping well, even as the 55-year-old leader had been updating his Twitter handle with various pictures showing him attending meetings wearing face masks and maintaining social distance amid coronavirus pandemic.

"Lakhs of workers from my party and my well-wishers have expressed their deep concerns regarding my health over the last two days. I cannot ignore their concern for me. This is why I want to clarify today that I am perfectly healthy and I do not have no disease," Shah said.

Thanking his well-wishers and BJP workers for enquiring about his health, he said that he has "no hatred towards those who spread the rumours".

He also urged people to not spread or believe in such rumours.