Moving house?
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The picture of a Flipkart online delivery package that reads "call me when you reach near the temple", in India, has gone viral and here is one such case that has social media in splits in its unique way of getting the package.

A Twitter user @am_shikhar posted: "@JeffBezos be wondering how would drones in the future deliver such demands."

Landmark plays an important role for delivery guys as its easy for them to find out the right address.

@mpanditr tweeted: "Indian eCommerce is different."

Before the age of digital maps, people had to navigate roads and lanes by asking for directions every couple of hundred metres. Even now, some addresses are quite confusing.

Another user, @asapscrapme tweeted: "Is the Universe trying to tell me something..."

@shacrw_ posted: "Phone laga lena, mein aa jaunga" [Start a phone service and I will arrive] as a service. Build this. Bezos bhai or Mukesh bhai will buy this."

@nickylive tweeted: “ I think Google maps plus code is a good way to standardise addresses across India.”

The tweet is trending on social media and has garnered over 20,000 likes and around 30,000 views.