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Cops in the Indian capital of Delhi have arrested a 37-year-old man for posing as a woman on social media to collect nude photos of aspiring models. Apparently, he used to contact them with an offer to audition for an upcoming web series.

The cybercrime came to light after a 17-year-old girl lodged a police complaint against a woman named Rashi Goel, who contacted her on social media. Introducing herself as a model, Rashi Goel asked the minor girl if she was interested to act in a new web series. She asked the girl to send her regular and nude photographs for auditions.

According to her police complaint, the girl said she agreed and sent her some pictures. However, Rashi Goel continued asking for more.

Feeling harassed, the girl then blocked Goel on the social media platform.

Soon after, two other people contacted the young girl and started threatening her with her nude photos.

They told her that they would post the pictures on social media if she didn't agree to their demands, a police official said.

They went ahead and sent an obscene picture of the girl to two of her friends. Police said that the cybercriminals even created a fake profile using the girl’s name and photos, and sent her the screenshot of the profile.

According to Indian news reports, when the police started investigating the case, they found out that Rashi Goel’s account was fake, and the ID belonged to a man named Mam Chand. His residence was traced down to Sultanpuri.

Chand was arrested by the police, this week.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (North) Anto Alphonse told local news channels: “Chand created several fake profiles on social media, and targeted upcoming models. He was previously involved in a cheating case in Hissar, in Haryana.”

During the investigation, an audition form and objectionable photographs of victims were obtained from his mobile phone. The police added that three mobile phones and four SIM cards were seized from Chand.

Sharing the news reports, social media users have said that youngsters need to be more careful online and not fall victim to such traps.