Police constable K. Priyanka.
Police constable K. Priyanka. Image Credit: Twitter/ANI

Hyderabad: Nothing could have been more heart-warming to start the New Year than a lady police constable coming to the rescue of an abandoned infant to breastfeed her.

K. Priyanka, a constable at Begumpet police station in Hyderabad, currently on maternity leave, rushed to another police station to suckle the two-month-old baby girl crying uncontrollably due to hunger.

She was alerted about the predicament about the staff of Afzalgunj police station by her husband M Ravinder, also a constable.

The infant was brought to the police station by Mohammad Irfan saying an unknown woman left it in his hands. “The woman asked me to hold the baby saying she will fetch some water,” Irfan told the police. When the woman did not return after some time, Irfan took the baby to his house and tried to feed her milk from a bottle. But when the baby continued to cry he took her to the police station.

Ravinder, who was on duty there, sought the help of his wife who was on maternity leave and was nursing her own daughter. On reaching the police station, Priyanka decided to nurse the baby as that was the only option under the circumstances.

Hyderabad City Police Commissioner Anjani Kumar appreciated the constable couple for their humanitarian gesture.

Meanwhile, another team of police brought the story to a happy conclusion.

The police were able to locate the baby’s mother, Shabana Begum, a rag picker who was in an inebriated condition when she had left the baby with a stranger. Later, she searched for the person but forgot where he was standing at the time. When she was going around crying in search of the baby, the police was alerted. Later police took her to Afzalgunj police station where she was reunited with her baby.

“We were fortunate to be of help for the baby,” constable Priyanka said.