A view of the Jama Masjid mosque is seen at iftar time on the first day of Ramadan in Delhi, India, on April 25, 2020. Image Credit: Reuters

Patna: Tales of humanity and brotherhood have brought much-needed comfort to the people in distress as they battle the coronavirus pandemic, locking themselves in homes for the past 40 days. Two such incidents in four days stand out.

A man from the Indian state of Bihar broke his fast to donate blood in a bid to save the life of a little girl admitted to a government hospital. The heart-warming incident took place in Gopalganj district on Friday.

As per the report, the condition of three-year-old Nishtha Kumari, daughter of Ujjwal Singh from Kaithwali village, deteriorated suddenly on Friday after which she was admitted to a local government hospital. The girl had been suffering from thalassemia, a blood disorder in which the body makes an abnormal form or inadequate amount of haemoglobin.

Finding her condition critical, the doctors asked her parents to immediately arrange blood for her. Singh rushed to the local blood banks but returned disappointed. Subsequently, he contacted the District Blood Donor Committee (DBDC), which promised to help him. However, it wasn’t convincing.

Singh was pleasantly surprised when he found a youth, Waqar Ahmed, eagerly waiting for him once he returned to the hospital. “Someone told me you urgently need blood for your daughter. I have come to donate blood,” Ahmed said.

The youth broke his fast with a glass of juice and donated blood, helping save the little girl’s life.

“Service to the humanity is the greatest religion,” Waqar said. Singh said he had no words to express his gratitude.

In another incident from Jharkhand’s Giridih district, a Muslim youth broke his fast to donate blood so that a boy’s life could be saved.

Parents of eight-year-old Nikhil had been finding it hard to arrange blood for their child suffering from pneumonia duet to lockdown.

As a last resort, he sent a message to the local villagers to donate blood. As the news reached, a villager, Salim Ansari, rushed to the hospital on Wednesday and offered to donate blood. Without wasting a moment, Ansari broke his fast and donated his blood to the boy.