Delhi family adopts #Leelavati Dadi
Delhi family adopts #Leelavati Dadi Image Credit: Twitter/@VermaKiran

Last week, a 70-year-old Indian woman travelled from Delhi to Mumbai to take care of her ailing son, only to be thrown out by him, after she reached there. Amid India’s coronavirus lockdown, she sat alone in tears, at Bandra railway station in Mumbai, before being spotted by Indian journalist Barkha Dutt, who shared her story on Twitter.

Today, Indian tweeps are sharing the wholesome story of how Kiran Verma, a social entrepreneur living in Delhi, has adopted the old woman, after her story went viral on social media.

The septuagenarian who came to be known as Leelavati dadi (grandmother), had narrated how her drunk son beat her multiple times, took all her money and showed her the door.

Many had shared her story, to try and find her help. While some tagged Bollywood actor Sonu Sood, others discussed starting crowdfunding to help her.

Reportedly, she was trying to get back to Delhi but had nowhere to go since her husband had passed away and her children didn't want to deal with her, and called her “paagal” or crazy.

In a Twitter update, Dutt had tweeted that the woman was given a room to sleep by Railway Police, and staff donated money. And that, she would be put on a train to Delhi today. “We'll find her a home,” @BDUTT had tweeted, last week.

On June 1, Kiran Verma, tweeted that he has adopted Leelavati Dadi and has pledged to take her responsibility. “I am blessed with another grandmother,” Verma wrote on Twitter.

In a video, he added: “She is going to live with us at our home. I and my wife are going to look after her. We just started a crowdfunding campaign for her as well where we are targetting Rs10 lakh (Dh48,658), which we will spend only for her. She will be free to use that fund to start a new life.”

Those who were following Leelavati Dadi’s story from across the world, took to Twitter to appreciate Verma.

Tweep @nbhardwajm posted: “Thank you. I have become a fan of your work. @VermaKiran God bless you and we are with you. Please let us know how we can all contribute too.”

And, tweep @Naazneen110 added: “Feeling so happy for Leelavati ji. God bless you all for coming together for a noble cause. Thank you.”

Verma also shared a phone number, for tweeps who would like to talk to the elderly woman.