A frozen meat factory worker's
A Filipino frozen meat factory worker's hand caught the blades of a meat grinder and killed him on Saturday, June 22. Image Credit: File / For illustrative purposes only

ILOILO CITY, Philippines. A young man died following an accident at a meat grinder, local media here reported.

The victim, an 18-year-old man, was working on the machine at Zone 3, Barangay Mansaya, Lapuz district, on Saturday, according to ABS-CBN television network.

Only the lower limbs of the victim, identified as Joemar Jungco, were seen atop the grinder, according to Philippine media.

Local police said Jungco, from the neighboring Antique province, is only on his second week at work with a frozen food manufacturing company.

According to a colleague, Francis Arevalo, Jungco was trying to reach something while the grinder was running, and fell into it by accident.

Police reports stated that the accident took place before the morning shift started at 8am.

According to Corporal Jennifer Espora, of the Lapuz Police Station, Jungco worked as a frozen food packer. The officer said the victim was not assigned to the meat grinder. The police officer said it's possible the victim's attention was drawn by the grinder and he was exploring how it works.

Jungco's family reported agreed with the employer that the latter would pay for the victim's burial expenses.