200427 China
Women wearing protective face masks to help stop the spread of the new coronavirus push a child on a stroller along a street in Beijing, Sunday, April 26, 2020. Image Credit: AP

Shanghai: China reported three new confirmed coronavirus cases on April 26, down from 11 a day earlier, with no new deaths, the country’s health authority said on Monday.

Of the new cases, two were imported, down from five imported cases on the previous day, the National Health Commission said in its daily bulletin.

There was one case of local infection in the northeastern border province of Heilongjiang.

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China also reported 25 new asymptomatic coronavirus cases on the mainland on April 26, compared to 30 a day earlier.

Mainland China now has an accumulated total of 82,830 cases.

It also recorded a total of 4,633 deaths as of the end of April 26, including one more death in Beijing in the tally that was previously unaccounted for.