driving a car
driving a car Image Credit: Pexels

A video showing a man running across a busy highway in the US to save a woman who lost consciousness while driving, is going viral on social media.

The man is identified as Adolf Molina, who noticed a car was drifting from the lane after the driver lost consciousness. The incident happened last week on route 93 in Massachusetts.

According to the news sources, the man risked his own life to rescue the woman, and later she was given medical treatment.

The post is being shared on Twitter, and Instagram, which shows a blue car moving through the snow-covered footpath, and the car is drifting away.

Meanwhile, on the opposite side, another car is seen halted, and a man runs across the road. He reaches the vehicle and is seen trying to open the door. However, the driver pays no heed, and the man continues running along the car. Finally, the vehicle hit a divider and stopped.

All this time, Molina was unaware that a stranger was recording the entire thing.

Sharing the video on his Instagram feed, Molina said in the caption, “If I am given the opportunity to help again, I will do it.”

The social media users have appreciated Molina’s quick response and efforts.

A user on Instagram @dianemorrisey commented: “Well done, buddy. You should be so proud of yourself. And we are proud of you.”

Another user, @daisely, wrote, “Blessings to you and your family. Thanks for being one of the good people.”

“I have to follow you… People like you are what the world needs,” says another Instagram user, @Linalita206.

The post gathered around 740000 views on Instagram and around one million views on Twitter.