Tekuteku-san sells cookies to fellow hikers Image Credit: tekuteku_mountain/Instagram

Hiking just got a little sweeter on the mountains of Hokkaido, Japan. A Japanese woman named Tekuteku-san, who sells cookies to hikers on the mountains, is gaining popularity on social media.

A recent viral video of Tekuteku-san shows her carrying these cookies in her portable wooden storage box on her back.

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Tekuteku-san almost lost all hopes of making her dream, of opening a café, come true because of the Covid-19 pandemic. However, she realised all she had to do was find the silver lining, or in her case the sweet, sugary lining. She decided to bring the freshly baked goods straight to the people.

In a recent post made by local travel information account Visit Sapporo on Instagram on June 12, Tekuteku-san sells the freshly baked cookies to fellow hikers every Saturday, with her portable wooden box strapped on her back. She is said to have gained a big fan base in the area and even appeared on television.

Hikers can enjoy the lush green mountains of Hokkaido and have a sweet treat to reward themselves, all thanks to Tekuteku-san and her innovative idea. Her moving cookie shop even inspired local bakers to do the same.

Tekuteku-san shared a post on her Instagram page with a fellow baker who sells muffins, the same way as her – with a wooden storage box strapped to his back. According to comments on a post, the cookies cost 500 yen (Dh 11.40) and are worth it.

One comment read, “I would overpay just to have a freshly baked cookie in the wild. I support this baker’s hustle.”

However, the post by Visit Sapporo on Instagram warns hikers of bears in the area. The note says, “As there are bear sighting in Sapporo and Hokkaido mountains, please make sure you are fully prepared before climbing.”

Hokkaido is Japan’s northern island famous for its beautiful wilderness and indigenous culture. It is also a popular destination for skiing and snowboarding in winter because of its world class powder snow, which contains less water, making it perfect for skiers as the snow doesn’t stick to the skis.

And, it’s just a short flight away from Tokyo, according to the Japan National Tourism Organization’s website.