Nadine Khalifa Al Maskari has taken to social media to talk about vitiligo to help others deal with their condition Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai A Dubai university has invited Emirati Nadine Khalifa Al Maskari to share her inspiring story with students, following a recent XPRESS report on how the 25-year-old uses social media to create awareness about vitiligo.

Overwhelming response

Nadine, who suffers from the skin condition said, the June 21 report (Yes I have vitiligo, but it doesn’t make me less beautiful) elicited an overwhelming response with people from all over the world contacting her to support her campaign.

“I have also been invited by the Mohammad Bin Rashid University of Medicine and Health Sciences (MBRU) in Dubai to be part of their new student interactive programme.”

Human books

Sharon Mascarenhas, Simulation Educator at MBRU, said Nadine has been invited under a novel initiative called The Human Library where speakers or ‘human books’, share their insights with students and faculty members.

Participants can ‘borrow’ human books for up to 15 minutes and ask them anything they want about their subjects related to them. “Nadine has a great story and we are looking forward to hosting her,” she said.

Nadine said she has started looking at her skin in a more positive way and feels content with her life.

“I knew there were others feeling miserable like me and I wanted to reach out to them and comfort them.”