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Lacnor and Oasis have come together for a unique campaign, The Future is in Our Hands, to promote mindful consumption and a healthy lifestyle among UAE customers. As part of the campaign aimed at creating a better tomorrow, the brands from National Food Products Company (NFPC) have launched a competition where customers stand a chance to win a GMC Yukon BH Sport Denali or Privilee membership for one year that gives access to top UAE beach resorts, state-of-the-art gyms, kids' clubs, water parks, restaurants and more.

All they need to do is visit or and watch a short video on each of the brand’s efforts towards environmentally conscious practices, responsible sourcing and sustainability that help customers make informed buying decisions and create a healthy future.

Follow it with an easy quiz based on the video and registration of personal details as well as uploading of a Lacnor or Oasis product receipt with a clearly visible order number to enter the final draw.


Both these NFPC brands have been committed to creating awareness about the importance of responsible and well-informed consumption, as well as maintaining a sustainable connection with the environment, in order to ensure a better tomorrow and, more importantly, a healthier future. Driven by the brands’ belief that real power for change lies within us, The Future is Our Hands campaign urges everyone to make a difference, no matter how small.

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“Reducing food waste, buying responsibly, and consuming mindfully have always been critical for our health and the health of the planet, but now, this positive behaviour becomes more important than ever," says Aleksandra Simic, Marketing Manager for Oasis and Lacnor. "Our efforts are enabling the future, for us and the generations to come, to be better and brighter. We can have a positive impact by choosing to reuse things rather than simply throwing them in the trash. We can also choose to be mindful about leading a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Let us do our part.”

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Visit or to embark on an educational journey on responsible consumption and sustainable practices. If in the process, you turn lucky in the competition and land a GMC Yukon BH Sport Denali or a year’s Privilee membership, nothing like it.