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Anshu and Abhilash with their three children, including the newborn Image Credit: Supplied

Sharjah: It’s not easy for anyone to come to terms with a COVID-19 positive result. But when Sharjah-based Keralite Anshu, 30, discovered the ugly truth on April 13, it couldn’t have come at a worse time as she was about to deliver her third child. Her husband Abhilash, 39, had already tested positive. And as the couple would learn a few days later, their second daughter, just 15 months, had also not been spared.

Yet, the family is filled with gratitude today.

Speaking to Gulf News, Abhilash, who works as safety officer at a private company, said, “We went through a very traumatic time. But when we now look back upon those tension-filled days, we can only thank our stars that we are in a place like the UAE, where even at such a difficult time, away from our native place, we were able to get so much support.”

He said, “By the grace of the Almighty and the care we received, our eldest daughter, 5, and our newborn did not contract coronavirus.”

Anshu said her husband was in quarantine when she learnt of her test result. “I did not know what to do as I was due any day then. Also, I had two little girls to take care of – where could I possibly leave them?”

But as they pointed out, word got around and a network of social workers was at their service, taking charge of everything for them.

“We were put up in a hotel for the quarantine and my wife was taken to a public hospital where she delivered. All our meals and other necessities were taken care of. We can never forget the unconditional help and generosity of the social workers, the authorities and my employer for all that they have done. This kind of support is possible only in the UAE.”

Abdulla Kamanpalam, coordinator with the Sharjah wing of the Kerala Muslim Cultural Centre, took it upon himself to stand by the family through this period.

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Abdulla Kamanpalam Image Credit: Supplied

He said, “The children were very small and the lady was at a critical juncture as she was due to deliver. All is well that ends well, and she had a normal delivery with child and mother safe. I am glad that I could be of some assistance.”

The COVID couple and their coronavirus-inflicted second born are all out of the woods now, having completed their quarantine.

Back in their Sharjah apartment,they said it’s been a humbling homecoming after all that they went through.