Mariam Almeraikhi from the Communications Team of the Organising Committee of the 51st National Day Celebrations. Image Credit: Supplied

Abu Dhabi: The theme for the 51st UAE National Day celebrations starting on December 3 at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC) will focus on a generational journey of the UAE’s pioneers as the country embarks on a collective future towards 2071, an official from the Organising Committee of the 51st National Day Celebrations told Gulf News on Wednesday.

Mariam Almeraikhi from the committee’s Communications Team said, “The Organising Committee of the 51st UAE National Day Celebrations was formed to oversee this year’s official National Day celebrations. The committee is chaired by Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan, with Sheikha Mariam bint Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan as Vice-Chair. The Organising Committee is tasked with developing and executing a ceremony to mark the 51st anniversary of the country’s unification.”

ADNEC in Abu Dhabi was chosen as the venue for the official National Day celebrations because of its prominence and required capacity. Image Credit: Supplied

The preparations are being led by the creative team that organised last year’s celebrations, she added.

Ticket prices

Tickets, which can be bought at the UAE National Day official website, are available for Dh200 for the South West and South East stands, while the Majlis experience at the North West and North East stands can be procured for Dh300.

According to the committee official, ADNEC was chosen to host the National Day celebrations because it is a prominent venue with the required capacity.

“This year, we decided to extend the celebrations over nine days From December 3 to allow more people to participate in the show. People can also watch the broadcast live on December 2 on our official website and on all local television channels,” Mariam said.

Ceremony details

“The show will take the audience on a generational journey of the UAE’s inspiring pioneers through unparalleled creative and artistic storytelling as we embark on our collective future towards 2071,” she noted.

Details on the official ceremony will be announced soon.

The grand UAE National Day celebrations in Hatta last year. The team that organised this ceremony will also be handling this year's event. Image Credit: Supplied

Earlier, the organising committee of the 51st UAE National Day Celebrations invited government entities, private companies, schools and organisations to download a specialised kit, which includes the 51st National Day’s brandmark, in preparation for the nationwide celebrations.

More information is available on the official UAE National Day social media accounts @OfficialUAEND on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and Twitter; and through the official hashtag #UAENationalDay51 or the official website, she added.