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Have you been to the supermarket lately? Then you may have noticed the large number of organic certifications on products and foods that fight for your attention – free from this and that, contains natural so and so, eco-friendly, etc. This could indicate that more farmers and manufacturers are turning to organic farming and are eager to produce as naturally as possible. Which is obviously a good thing. But as a consumer it is quite a challenge to navigate through so many seals of approval and increasingly difficult to know what each product contains. So how do you know what to really look for?

A stamp of quality

The green European Union organic label is one of the labels that you can trust. It is easy to recognise and you have probably come across Europe’s organic label on milk and other foods.

Organic food is a big thing in Europe, and the organic logo can only be used on products that have been certified as organic by an authorised control agency. Earning it means adhering to the highest standards of animal welfare, climate and environment protection. So nothing is added to the organic feed of cows and they have plenty of organic grazing space. It is all based on the simple idea that nature’s way is the best way – and who can argue with that?

Milk you can trust

More and more Europeans see organic milk as the caring choice, and they prefer it in their glasses, in their coffee and on their cereal. In Denmark, more than one third of all milk sold is organic, a European record. This also means that there is strict control and effective labelling of organic milk, so you know that it meets the requirements. That is why millions around the world trust the European organic label for quality and goodness.

The label to look for

It can be easy to forget as you walk down the aisles in the supermarket and witness the many food labels. But these labels should in fact guide you and serve as a mark of assurance. The European Union organic label does exactly that. So, whenever you place a bottle of milk with the green label in your shopping cart or on the dining table you can trust that it has been produced as attentively and naturally as possible.

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