Will rainy weather continue on Thursday and over the weekend? Image Credit: Stock image

Dubai: Light to moderate rains will continue in many parts of the country for the next two days, National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) said on Thursday.

On Thursday afternoon NCM reported heavy rainfall in Shawmekh, Mussaffah and Mohammad Bin Zayed city in Abu Dhabi and many of the northern emirates with overcast skies and poor visibility. The weather will continue to be unstable for the next two days with high wind speed and rough seas. Residents are being advised to stay indoors and away from the sea and avoid driving on main highways unless entirely necessary.

Residents across the UAE welcomed the cool weather and the onset of winter. The mercury dipped in all emirates, plunging below 25 degrees Celsius. The mercury hovered between 19-24 degree Celsius with an increased humidity of up to 55 per cent. Some northern emirates also experienced hailstorm and squall.

Many roads continued to be water-logged and traffic moved at a slow pace with snarls and tail-backs reported at peak hours in morning and late afternoon on arterial roads and highways on Thursday as most schools resumed classes.

In Dubai, most roads had their storm water drains opened to allow easy flow of water and Dubai Municipality sent in staff to clear stagnant water.

It is expected that clouds will part by Friday evening and damp weather will end by Saturday.