Coronavirus Manila
How to tell a flu from coronavirus Image Credit: Agency

DUBAI: As hospitals open their doors to a large number of people who are worried about possible symptoms of coronavirus, information is being shared online to assist them. However, how accurately can a person differentiate between the symptoms of COVID-19 and the flu? According to Dr Mohammed Mansoor, Consultant and Head of Pediatric Dentistry in Dubai Health Authority, said, “If an individual is going through symptoms that are familiar, something like a running nose or a sore throat and it is not deteriorating then just staying home and improve their immunity, hydrating and making sure they sleep well and eat well is usually enough.”

“However, if any of these symptoms such as sore throat or dry cough or some muscle pain correspond to a recent travel or direct contact with a person who is either affected or is suspect, then this definitely warrants them to go to the hospital.

“Recently there were a lot of posts and rumours circulating on social media on the difference between coronavirus and other viruses. These were not correct. Based on international health organisations, the symptoms can be very similar. The only red flag that can be added to any of the common symptoms is again a history of recent travel or contact with someone that is affected.”