The smart disinfection tunnel
The smart disinfection tunnel Image Credit: Supplied

Sharjah: Smart disinfection gate has been installed at police departments in Sharjah to ensure that employees are free from symptoms of coronavirus.

The Sharjah Police have installed the smart disinfection tunnels at various departments for the sfaety of its employees.

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The gate for vehicles Image Credit: Supplied

First Lieutenant engineer Hanadi Khalifa Al Kabouri Director of the General Services Branch, Support Services Department, said these tunnels have been locally made by Sharjah Police staff at their technical workshops.

Special smart disinfection gates have also been manufactured for vehicles.

A total of 1,300 employees will use these tunnels initially, the official said.

How it works

When a person enters the tunnel, he or she wlaks through an automatic sterilisation spray for a period of 10 seconds. First Lieutenant engineer Al Kabouri said the tunnels have been equipped with a tank containing safe sterilised material that has been approved by the authorities and do not have any adverse reactions on people or their clothing. Simple instructions at the tunnels facilitate their use.

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A Sharjah Police employee in the tunnel Image Credit: Supplied

Four tunnels have been placed in front of Traffic and Patrols Department and one each in the Ambulance and Rescue Department, Sharjah Punitive and Rehabilitation Establishment and Special Tasks Forces Department.

Sharjah Police is keen to utilise the latest modern technologies in implementing government decisions to fight the spread of coronavirus,” the official added.