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Dubai: Dubai: Welcome to cabin number 48 of Ain Dubai - the last cabin on the world’s tallest and largest observation wheel. Ain Dubai opened its doors to the public today, October 21.

The first rotation of the giant observation wheel began at 2pm, after we stepped into the air-conditioned, white cabin, furnished with forest green velvet seats and cushions, and refreshment tables.

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Ain Dubai opens on Thursday for public. 21st October 2021. Photo: Ahmed Ramzan/ Gulf News

Among the first passengers to board on the opening day were six winners of a social media contest.

One of the winners, Matteo Cesari, a Dubai-based expat from Rome spoke to Gulf News: “I saw the Ain Dubai contest for hidden tickets on social media. So, last Sunday, I was free and I spent all day at Bluewaters looking for the ticket, I found it on a tree.”

Matteo Cesari, a Dubai-based expat from Rome
Matteo Cesari, a Dubai-based expat from Rome Image Credit: Evangeline Elsa/Gulf News

Cesari who has been on the London Eye compared his experience, and said: “The cabins of Ain Dubai are very spacious and the interiors are very different, they are on another level. And, it looks very inviting to perhaps enjoy celebrations here.”

At nearly twice the height of the London Eye, Ain Dubai takes its guests up to a 250-metre height, where they enjoy a majestic view of Dubai skyline.

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At the top - 250 meters. Open both day and night; Ain Dubai visitors will experience two very different sides of Dubai, from stunning Bluewaters views to a host of night-time entertainment.

Lucinda Sesta, Australian expatriate based in Dubai said: “The view is amazing. It’s wonderful to see Dubai from a different perspective. It’s a once in a lifetime experience.”

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Lucinda Sesta, Australian expat in Dubai, says the view is amazing and calls it a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

In terms of comparison, Ain Dubai will go past the 167 metre High Roller observation wheel in Las Vegas, and the 135-metre London Eye.

Each rotation of the wheel lasts 38 minutes. After his first time ever on the giant observation wheel, Vijay Dawda, a long-time Dubai resident from India, said: “This experience is very unique, the view from the top is very beautiful. The quality of the cabins is exceptional.”

Vijay Dawda and his family loved their trip on Ain Dubai
Vijay Dawda and his family loved their trip on Ain Dubai Image Credit: Evangeline Elsa/Gulf News

Next to the Ain Dubai observation wheel, is the Ain Dubai Plaza where opening weekend celebrations have begun. People can visit the plaza free of cost and participate in family entertainment activities, food trucks, and more. The celebrations will continue till 7pm.

An official opening celebration starts at 8.30pm with a stunning light and drone show and fireworks.