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Visitors at the Gulf News Immigration & Citizenship Exhibition (GNICE) on Friday. Image Credit: Virendra Saklani/Gulf News

Dubai: As more countries continue to reopen their borders, the world can expect a significant growth in migration and global travel in the coming months. This was the unanimous observation by migration experts on Day 2 of Gulf News Immigration and Citizenship Exhibition (GNICE) in Dubai on Friday.

Experts also observed that UK, US, Canada and more European Union (EU) countries have made reforms to attract foreign talents to live and work in their respective countries. Because immigrants are critical to the economic success of global economies, experts added, now is the right time for people to explore options.

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(from left) Satakshi Singh of Annaka Group, Ram Sati of Vision Immigration, Shahrukh Abbas Gondal, Canadian solicitor, Sam Pirzad of Aqua Investments, Prithpal Singh Saini of Vancity Immigration, Namir Asif Raza of DM Consultants and Andriea Pereira of Sanji Caldera Associates at GNICE on Friday. Image Credit: Virendra Saklani/Gulf News

Ram Sati, managing partner at Vision Immigration, and Andriea Pereira, UAE country manager at Sanji Caldera Associates, said “highly-skilled immigrants are in high demand in Canada and Australia”.

Even prior to the pandemic, many Western countries experienced shortages in their labour markets due to an aging workforce. Now, more talented and skilled professionals in the medical field are needed in these countries, Pereira said.


Namir Asif Raza, assistant regional manager at DM Consultants, said prospective immigrants should act fast. He explained: “Opportunities are always there but migration is a time-sensitive process. The longer you wait, the greater are the chances of your losing out to others who move fast.”

Raza added Canada in particular is looking for professionals in health care, IT, office administration and financial services. “Don’t waste time - other people might take your place,” he reiterated.

Canadian barrister and solicitor Shahrukh Abbas Gondal, who is also founding and managing partner at Ace Luxury, said one of the fastest routes to immigrate to Canada is to establish a footing in the ICT (information and communications technology) sector.

He added: “It is very important to understand the current trends. Maybe it is not feasible at the moment to enter Canada via Provincial nomination but people can go to Canada and once you’re there, you may have 70 per cent more chance for immigration than waiting inside yor current country.”

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Those who attended the exhibition were offered a variety of options to explore. Image Credit: Virendra Saklani/Gulf News

Study abroad

Prithpal Singh Saini, marketing director at Vancity Immigration, said another immigration option is via student programmes. “They (prospective immigrants) can do post graduation, then apply for a work permit which can lead to PR (permanent residency),” he noted. Robust job market

Sam Pirzad, senior investment advisor at Aqua Investments, said “UK’s job market is solid. UK is a hub for migrants and the student programme is also strong.”

Satakshi Singh, CEO at Annaka Group, however, said the level of competition among prospective immigrants is strong. “It is important for them to approach experienced consultants so as not to waste their time and money. Yes, information can be available online but it is more important to have face-to-face consultations,” she added.

Day 3 Agenda (November 20)

11.30am −12pm: New visa opportunities in the UK after Brexit (Speaker from Capprricorn Advisors)

12.15pm −12.45pm: Start-up visa programme in Canada (Speaker from Y-Axis Middle East)

2pm − 3pm: Investment migration: Pathways to secure alternative residency and second passport (panelists - The Lakhani Group | Huriya Private| Secondpass Global | Vazir Group | Bayat Legal Services | Square Asset Management)

3.10pm − 3.35pm: The importance of Plan B: Why it’s worth investing in second citizenship (CS Gobal Partners)

3.45pm − 4.15pm: Unleash your potential in Australia (Speaker from Bayat Legal Services)

4.30pm – Explore study abroad options (Speaker from Westford University College)