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Volunteers distributing iftar as part of the initiative by Dubai police and other partners to provide mea0ls everyday in Ramadan for drivers in Dubai. Image Credit: Photo Clint Egbert/Gulf News

Dubai: For four-year-old Gaidaa, distributing iftar meals to drivers at various traffic intersections in Dubai is a great time to spend with her father Jamal.

With her beautiful smile and dressed in a green police vest, Gidaa is one of the youngest volunteers with Dubai Police who distributes meals to drivers to help them slow down before iftar hours.

Her father Jamal Al Ammari from Yemen told Gulf News that he brought Gidaa with him to the intersection in the Al Khawaneej area to participate with other volunteers during Ramadan in order to teach her about the importance of volunteering.

“I bring her with me to distribute iftar meals to drivers during Ramadan. It is nice to teach her about volunteering at this early age. She has the opportunity to work in groups, interact with different people and help society,” Al Ammari told Gulf News.

Jaidaa and other volunteers from different nationalities and ages were distributing the meals in a group under the supervision of Dubai Police, in an attempt to reduce traffic accidents in Dubai during Ramadan.

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Jaidaa, four-year-old from Yemen is the youngest volunteer to participate in the initiative by Dubai police to provide meals everyday in Ramadan for drivers in Dubai. Pictures taken on 25th April, 2022. Photo Clint Egbert/Gulf News

According to Dubai Police, thousands of iftar meals are distributed before iftar time every day in cooperation with charities and other entities.

Yaqut Babayeva, a volunteer from Azerbaijan, said that she heard about the initiative from her colleagues at the bank where she works and decided to be a part of it. “I’m happy to be part of Dubai Police volunteering group. Every day, we distribute meals to drivers so that they can end their fast while still inside their vehicles and don’t have to rush home. Thanks to Dubai Police for giving us this opportunity,” said Yaqut.

For Ziad Zein from Lebanon, volunteering is one of the best and most beautiful things in life. “When you help others, you bring happiness to them. We deliver happiness to people as they break their fast by distributing snacks before they can reach home,” Zein said.

Moreover, for distribution of iftar meals, Dubai Police have chosen certain junctions in the city that usually witness heavy traffic. Brigadier Abdullah Khadim bin Suroor, the Director of Bur Dubai Police Station and Chairman of the Dubai Police Stations Board, said that 681 volunteers from 42 nationalities participated in the initiative and became part of community policing in a step to promote the culture of volunteering. “The volunteering initiative attracted more than 1,000 volunteers who applied to be a part of this programme through the Dubai Police website,” Brig. Bin Suroor added.

NAT 220425 Police Iftar CE016-1651210180196
Initiative by Dubai police and other partners to provide meals everyday in Ramadan for drivers in Dubai. Pictures taken on 25th April, 2022. Photo Clint Egbert/Gulf News

“The initiative was launched in Ramadan to allow volunteers to be part of community policing. The force is always keen on promoting the culture of volunteering to ensure sustainable development,” Brig. Bin Suroor said.

“We have a platform for volunteers to send their requests and Dubai Police respond to them and deploy volunteers in 17 locations across Dubai.” The time for volunteering is between 5.30pm and 6.30pm and volunteers distribute the meals to drivers near mosques and in labour camps.

Volunteering with Dubai Police

The Dubai Police volunteering platform played a key role in enhancing volunteering work among community members by launching different initiatives such as ‘Ride along with Dubai Police Bikers Unit’ and ‘Ride with Dubai Police Mounted Patrols’ campaigns, launched during the pandemic to raise awareness among community members about precautionary measures.

People willing to be a part of Dubai Police’s volunteers can apply by visiting the Dubai Police website.