Residents and students of the Greens working on their mosaic art project. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Residents of a Dubai community, including students, have come up with a unique mosaic art work that not only con veys a special message but also makes a difference to their surroundings.

The residents, belonging to The Greens, along with concerned stakeholders have designed a themed art piece to promote special messages of love, harmony and peaceful co-existence among other positive values. Their art work that puts this message across has been designed after securing all necessary permission from the developer.

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The message on the wall in the Greens reads: The best way to thank God is to love one another. Image Credit: Supplied

“The residents have come together to create the art work to raise awareness about how one can keep their surroundings clean and make a positive difference to society,” said Jaya Nair, a doctor turned home-maker who worked with the team.

She said, “We were given a cemented wall by our developer to put up our message. The intention was do something valuable. Children between the age of 12 and 15 have a great potential to channel their energies into something good.”

Nair said living in a city like Dubai provides several opportunities for students to undertake various activities, be it art, language skills, sports or academics. “Projects like ours also allows them to think, analyse, consult as a team and transform themselves and society.”

Jaya explained that post-pandemic, there was a need for the community to meet and get together. “We are a big group who used to meet often and celebrate various occasions earlier. But post-pandemic, all that stopped. Somewhere in December 2021 however, we got into talks with our developer to see how we can build the community camaraderie again. Our developer granted us a wall where we could have an art work with a message. One resident Shahla Fabeti, once an art teacher, coordinated the work on the mosaic. The message on the wall says: The best way to thank God is to love one another.”

Other projects

Residents elsewhere have also been inspired by the initiative.

Harsha Deepak Hemnani, 51, who is part owner of a building in Meena Bazaar, was also approached by students in the area who offered to repaint her wall which was tainted badly. “They decided to repaint the lower half of the wall. It was a great idea to engage youth during the summer months and I agreed without batting an eyelid,” she noted

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The building in Meena Bazaar which students took up for a transformation. Image Credit: Supplied

Hemnani, who has lived in the building for decades, said she always wanted to have a fresh look for her building done but never got around to doing it. “It was heartening to see the youth come every from 7pm until 10pm to get the job done.”

A transformed section of the Meena Bazaar building. Image Credit: Supplied

Filipina Vanessa Castro who was also one of the residents who helped the students in the Meena Bazaar project. She said 15 volunteers painted messages like “Smile, Respect, Charity, Purity, Compassion” on the walls.

Sisters Sonali and Nikita also joined in the community service. “My sister and I have been involved in service projects since we were children,” said Sonali, a computer science student. Nikita, who is studying in Grade 10, added that the summer project was to spread awareness of human values and utilise the vacation in making a difference to the community.