Yusuff Ali MA, chairman and managing director of Lulu Group

“A very welcome and timely initiative that is sure to have a very positive impact on socio-economic fabric of this great country. As I had earlier said, this decision will further boost UAE’s image as one of the most inclusive and tolerant nations in the world by continuously finding ways to nurture and sustain skilled human resources. I am sure more and more investors and professionals will now be able to come to the UAE with a long-term vision. This will spur growth in almost all business sectors including education, retail and real estate.”

Prasanth Manghat, CEO and executive director of NMC Health

“The recent announcement by the UAE enabling meritorious investors and entrepreneurs to get a 10-year and five-year residence visa respectively is surely a welcome move and is in line with brand UAE’s positioning of a global business hub. Achieving higher goals on the Global Competitive Index by constructing the pillars for the economy to grow beyond oil reserves and on the foundation of infrastructure, healthcare and education is a right step forward.”

Padmanabha Acharya, president, Indian Business and Professional Group (IBPG)

“The extended visa period will provide investors and professionals stability and confidence in the UAE as an investment and work destination. This will also help the government in its strategy to enhance foreign direct investment into the UAE. Currently the criteria for getting a visa in the category of investor in public investment is Dh10 million. Investment in property of Dh5 million also entitles a person to get a visa for five years. To stimulate the local real estate market, the government should consider reducing this amount as a number of real estate developments do not meet this criteria.”

Dr Sahera Bleibleh, assistant professor, UAE University

“This is a very good investment for the country and capitalises on one of their most important assets that are already living in the country. Research often takes a lot of time and is not a quick process, it can take several years to complete and so by having 10 years academics can solely concentrate on their work without having to worry about whether they will be able to complete their research or not. They won’t find themselves in a situation where they have to rush their research while leaving loose ends. Having that long-term stability allows academics to establish roots and to plan for the long term, which is positive for them both personally and professionally, and this overall leads to a good outcome for the country, as the UAE will gain a lot from the scientists and their discoveries.”

Ali Al Dameh, consultant general surgeon, Emirates Speciality Hospital

“I welcome the prospect of a 10-year visa. I will definitely apply for it and I know many other health care professionals will apply for it. It will provide us the opportunity to give the best of our knowledge and expertise to this country we have chosen to be part of. It will help us be grounded, have peace of mind and conserve all our energy and dedicate it long term towards building the health care industry. I know many of my friends looking at offers to relocate will be now be able to avail this 10-year visa and focus on their goals.”

Dr Dana Al Hamwi clinical dietician, owner of the Dana Diet Centre

“The 10-year visa has come at the most opportune moment when the health care industry is gaining new heights and setting new benchmarks in the UAE. In the six years that I have practised as a clinical dietician, I have gained over 3,000 clients and have nearly 500 successful testimonials. I will definitely avail the specialist visa that will give me peace of mind. This visa will not only make the immigration process easier and hassle-free but also less time-consuming and expensive giving me a chance to make a long-term commitment in the UAE.”

Shailesh Dash, entrepreneur and financier

“This is positive and encouraging for entrepreneurs and will certainly go a long way in attracting talent and capital to the country. It should be followed up with an enabling environment for entrepreneurs for fundraising and creating infrastructure to help their businesses to be successful.”

Brandon Sookdeo, student, University of South Wales, Dubai

“I was attracted to study aircraft maintenance engineering at USW Dubai because of the significant career opportunities afforded by such an important economic sector. The introduction of the new visa regime for exceptional students in the UAE gives me an added incentive to work hard so that I can aspire to a career within the aviation industry in Dubai.”

Prarthana Maheshwari, student, Middlesex University Dubai

“I think it’s a very positive step. First of all, it takes the process out of renewing visas each year, which can take some time occasionally. Students can plan their course of study better. Also, there’s the employment factor — graduates can focus on finding the right job, without worrying about finding a sponsor.”