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At a time when people have gone back to the workplace in full swing and life has become busier than ever, so many of us have found that casual dating and set-ups are not worth our time. Instead, people are looking for serious connections that lead to everlasting love. This is where Vows for Eternity has stepped in and stamped its presence in the world of offline, bespoke and personalised matchmaking.

“In a world where you can create detailed checklists of likes and dislikes, we have had people who have been quite sure that they wanted someone very similar to themselves in terms of interests and then ended up feeling connected to someone who had a very different set of interests from their own,” explains Anuradha Gupta, Founder-CEO of matchmaking firm Vows for Eternity. “We have had people who had a strong focus on looks, till they met someone they felt they had known all their lives, and nothing else mattered,” she says, recalling the success stories of those who trusted the company’s process.

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For each member Vows for Eternity takes on, the key lies in introspection and a clear definition of what values are core to what is needed in a partner and which are deal-breakers. Towards this end, Gupta’s firm takes an old-school approach: no paper trails and online databases, just human interaction to bring two people together.

The members of this private club are industrialists, businesspeople, corporate professionals, entrepreneurs and celebrities from across the world. “Belonging to well-to-do, progressive families, they are well-educated, cosmopolitan, global individuals who are seriously looking to get married not because they are incomplete on their own but because they believe that life is even more beautiful when shared with the right partner,” says Gupta. Candidates tend to range between 24 and 45 years of age. “We have a presence in India, the UK, Canada and Dubai," she adds. "Our member base spans 65 countries, with almost 50 per cent of members being based in India. They are dynamic in their thought process and have a contagious energy and a love for the finer things in life with the drive to match it.”

Investing time

The firm acknowledges the importance of knowing a person’s background and achievements but, at the same time, believes that members are so much more than their resumes. Gupta explains: “All matchmaking happens after we invest a thorough, enriching amount of time in getting to know our members, their families, and their diverse needs. We understand the member as an individual, their worldview, vulnerabilities, and their life journey. Once we get a nod of approval from both members, we make the introductions for them to take forward in an organic manner.”

She adds that the bespoke service centres on meeting individual needs.“ We do have eligibility criteria for our membership as our members are used to having the focus on quality rather than quantity. We encourage our members to enjoy the experience of meeting new people. After all, this is a network of individuals outside of their social circle.

“Each search is different, and as matchmakers, we believe we add value on multiple levels. All our members are provided feedback through their searches, and our conversations provide counsel and help set expectations when our members embark on this very special journey. Hand-holding is key within our mid and higher levels of membership, and many times I find myself acting as a bridge between parents and children or two potential partners.”

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Gupta explains that it's about connecting the right personalities, mindsets, and value systems that help bring two people together. “The beauty of Indian marriages is that it’s not only about just these two people, but two families, and hence other factors like education and socio-economics play a strong role in finding the right fit. The more the similarities culturally the easier it is for the couple, however, oftentimes the emphasis is more on having the right value systems and less on cultural similarities or geography, which is so reflective of the current times.”

Culture matters

Being aware of cultural nuances therefore helps. “As a team, we are very rooted in India and its cultural nuances. We are able to understand our member's needs based on their cultural upbringing and why they sometimes enjoy having that familiarity with a future partner. At the end of the day, everyone is looking for someone who truly understands who they are and where they come from,” adds Gupta.

Because of the bespoke services it offers and its success rate - 30 to 35 per cent is way above the industry average - Vows For Eternity's membership revenues have tripled over the past five years and the team size has doubled.

Operational for a decade now with its headquarters in the US, Vows For Eternity is looking to grow its presence across the Middle East. “Dubai offers an incredible mix of cultures with a strong East meets West ethos that matches very much with the core values at Vows For Eternity,” says Gupta. “Our Global Executive Vice President, Bhagyashree Sharma will be visiting Dubai every couple of months to meet prospective clients as we establish our presence in the area.”

Looking for that special someone? Perhaps it’s time to call on this very specialised matchmaker.

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