TikTok star Hareem Shah
File photo: TikTok star Hareem Shah seen inside a conference room at the Pakistan foreign ministry office. Image Credit: Twitter

Dubai: Pakistani TikTok celebrity Hareem Shah has released a video claiming she was harassed by scores of men inside a shopping mall in Dubai at an event recently.

“Hundreds of Pakistani men hurled abuses, pushed & some even kicked me. Is this how you treat your women?? ,” she tweeted.

The video was posted on December 16.

The mall management could not be reached for comments when this story was filed.

She had reported a similar incident last week also. The video of the same was shared on twitter but it was not mentioned where this incident took place.

"One of them touched me inappropriately. What kind of shameless people are there in this world,' she posted on twitter.

In the video, she is seen surrounded by a group of male fans who are taking selfies with her. When one of them grabbed her by the arm, she quickly brushed off his hand before continuing to engage with them.

Hareem Shah gained social media fame for posting videos inside the Pakistani Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Hareem, who has over a million fans on the social media video app was seen roaming around the high-security office and even sitting down in the chair used by the foreign minister.