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Did you know that Souk Al Ras is one of the oldest markets in Dubai and still welcomes visitors in Deira?

Dubai Frame, the giant architectural landmark that stands in Zabeel Park Dubai, and stands 150-metre-high and 93-meter-wide shared a video on their Instagram page on September 4.

The short clip features a display showcasing the historic area and souk in Dubai’s Deira area.

The past, present and future…

The Dubai Frame features an Old Dubai Gallery charting the city’s rapid transformation from a fishing village to a thriving city, with insights on Emirati heritage. Visitors can experience a multi-sensory experience with 3D projections and special effects. It incorporates the sights, sounds and smells of life in Dubai in the past. The recreation of Al Ras and its famous souks is a part of the gallery for visitors to see.

The landmark also features a Future Dubai Gallery that showcases lets visitors pass through a swirl tunnel with special audio and visual effects with a futuristic theme.

Al Ras – A look into ‘old Dubai’

It is the westernmost locality in the area of Deira and borders the Dubai Creek to the west and south, and Al Dhagaya and Al Buteen to the east.

Al Ras, literally means ‘the cape’, is one of the most historic communities in Deira and an integral part of old Dubai.

Important landmarks in Al Ras include Dubai Central Public Library, St. George Hotel, Dubai Spice Souk, Dubai Gold Souk and Al Ras Hotel.

The area has narrow streets and pathways hold restored Emirati-style guest houses and museums.

The closest metro station to the area is the Al Ras Metro Station in case you are planning a visit.