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1. Volkswagen Golf

Then: Dh8/100km Now: Dh10

High on style and low on fuel thirst with an average mileage of over 20km per litre, it’s not for nothing that the German ‘people’s car’, (starting at Dh79,732) remains one of the world’s best selling models. Only the Mitsubishi Mirage 1.2 GLX (starting Dh37,900) somewhat comes close in matching that fuel efficiency and notably for less than half the price.

Monthly» Then: Dh160 Now: Dh200


2. Audi A3

Then: Dh8.6/100km Now: Dh10.7

This stylish 1.4L, four-cylinder sedan (starting at Dh99,900) from yet another German stable is arguably the best option for UAE residents in the mid-category. For a similar efficiency at one-third the price, you could also look at the 2015 Suzuki Celerio GLX that starts at Dh33,900. Both average just about 20km per litre in fuel consumption.

Monthly» Then: Dh172 Now: Dh215


3. Hyundai Grand i10

Then: Dh8.7/100km Now: Dh11

For mileage of just under 20km per litre the Korean hatchback (starting at Dh36,700) with a 1.2L engine is a close third. American Chevrolet Spark (starting at Dh41,500), with almost the same specs and dimensions, returns just the same fuel efficiency albeit for a few thousand more.

Monthly» Then: Dh174, Now: Dh218


4. Peugeot 208

Then: Dh10/100km Now: Dh12.4

The French supermini goes beyond its looks. The 1.6L stylish five-door hatchback (starting at Dh71,000) is among cars like the Mercedes Benz A250 Sport (starting at Dh137,000) with low maintenance and mileage of just over 17km per litre.

Monthly» Then: Dh200 Now: Dh248


5. BMW 3 Series 320i

Then: Dh10.5/100km Now: Dh13.2

The award-winning 2.0L engine sedan (starting at Dh163,000) with a fuel economy of just over 16km per litre is globally acclaimed for fuel consumption in its class. You could get the same efficiency though for a quarter of that price from a Kia Picanto 2015 (starting at Dh42,900).

Monthly» Then: Dh210 Now: Dh265


6. Nissan Micra

Then: Dh11/100km Now: Dh13.68

A Japanese supermini that punches above its weight in fuel efficiency, the Micra (starting at Dh43,000) comes with a 1.5L engine and a fuel economy of just over 16km per litre. No doubt it’s remained in vogue globally since 1982.

Monthly» Then: Dh220 Now: Dh273


7. Ford Focus

Then: Dh11.2/100km Now: Dh13.2

An American favourite the world over since 1998, the compact car (starting at Dh75,000) with a 1.6L engine clocks an impressive 15km for every litre of petrol consumed. Ford’s other two models in similar category, the Figo and Fiesta also return nearly the same efficiency.

Monthly» Then: Dh224, Now: Dh278


8. Mazda 2

Then: Dh11.5/100km Now: Dh14.28

The 1.5L hatchback (starting at Dh47,750) by Japanese makers, named after a Zoroastrian deity, keeps up the competition in the supermini category with roughly the same fuel efficiency as Focus, just a notch higher than Mazda’s other two models the Mazda 3 Hatchback and Sedan with 1.6L engines.

Monthly» Then: Dh230 Now: Dh285


9. Honda Jazz

Then: Dh12/100km Now: Dh14.90

One of the more popular hatchbacks in Dubai, the Jazz 2015 (starting at Dh49,900) almost matches every other Japanese car in its category with a fuel economy of under 14.5km per litre – edging out Honda’s two other fancied models, the City and the Civic.

Monthly» Then: Dh240 Now: Dh298


10. Toyota Yaris

Then: Dh12/100km Now: Dh14.90

Dubai’s favourite car in the economy class, both Yaris hatchback and Yaris sedan (starting at Dh57,500) clock around 14km for every litre of petrol consumed, pretty much the same as their other Japanese counterparts.

Monthly» Then: Dh240 
Now: Dh298


10 least fuel efficient cars


1. Nissan 370z

Then: Dh33/100km Now: Dh40

The 2015 370z (starting at Dh149,000) comes out tops with a fuel consumption of around 5km per litre. The Nissan Z-car with 3.7L engine may still be great for a highway jaunt but perhaps not for daily trips to work.

Monthly» Then: Dh650 Now: Dh813


2. Bentley Mulsanne

Then: Dh29/100km Now: Dh36

The Bentley Mulsanne that comes with a price tag of Dh1.2m and above may be an epitome of elegance but it also is high maintenance. The high performance saloon with a 6.7L engine guzzles about 17 litres of petrol for every 100km trip. Slightly less ordinary, the Lexus LX 2015 570 Prestige (starting at Dh382,000) also returns a similar fuel economy.

Monthly» Then: Dh580, Now: Dh723


3. Lamborghini Aventador

Then: Dh27.5/100km Now: Dh34.2

Supercar in every aspect, the 2015 Lamborghini Aventador (starting at Dh1.5m plus for the coupe version) is super high on fuel consumption too, wolfing almost 16 litres for a 100km trip. Not surprisingly for many, it will still remain a small price to pay for manoeuvring a beast with a 6.5L engine capacity and 700bhp horsepower.

Monthly» Then: Dh550 Now: Dh685


4. Toyota Land Cruiser

Then: Dh27/100km Now: Dh33.6

One of the UAE’s favourite ‘Big Cars’ among residents, the Land Cruiser (starting at Dh244,000 and built with a 5.7L engine) comes next, nearly as expensive fuel-wise, as a GMC Yukon XL 2015 Denali ( starting at Dh288,000) or a Ferrari FF 2015 Coupe ( starting at over Dh1.1m). They all consume between 15.7 and 15.4 litres of petrol for a 100km trip yet Ferrari owners might tell you why riding a Ferrari Four (four seats and four wheel drive) grand tourer is another story.

Monthly» Then: Dh540 Now: Dh672


5. Cadillac Escalade

Then: Dh25.8/100km Now: Dh32

The full-size American luxury SUV (starting at Dh350,000) that comes with a 6.2L engine has a fuel economy of about 6.6km per litre, consuming marginally more petrol than fellow American Dodge RAM 1500 SLT (starting at Dh125,999), the giant pickup truck with a 5.7L engine.

Monthly» Then: Dh516 Now: Dh642


6. Maserati GranCabrio

Then: Dh24.5/100km Now: Dh31

The GranCabrio Sport (starting at Dh625,000) is amongst the Italian Luxury label’s top gas guzzlers with a fuel economy of just under 6.9km per litre, a shade better than Maserati GranTurismo 2015 Sport MC Stradale (starting Dh620,000). Slightly lower down the pecking order price wise, the 2015 Volkswagen Phaeton 2015 W12 (starting at Dh464,000) and the 2015 Infiniti QX80 (starting at Dh288,000) have roughly the same fuel efficiency.

Monthly» Then: Dh490 Now: Dh620


7. Chevrolet Traverse

Then: Dh23.7/100km Now: Dh29.5

The 8-seat full-size crossover SUV (starting at Dh168,000) is not just big on accommodating people inside but also on consumption with an economy of just over 7.2km per litre. A 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee (starting at Dh233,999) with a much bigger engine capacity has almost as fuel efficiency.

Monthly» Then: Dh475 Now: Dh590.6


8. Mitsubishi Pajero

Then: Dh22.3/100km Now: Dh28

The 3.5L Pajero (starting at Dh111,000) needs almost 13 litres of petrol for every 100km trip. In a much higher category, a 2015 Audi R8 Coupe (starting at Dh595,000) with a 5.2L (550 HP) engine returns roughly the same efficiency.

Monthly» Then: Dh447 Now: Dh556


9. Kia Mohave

Then: Dh21.8/100km Now: Dh27

The 3.8L seven-seater Korean SUV (starting at Dh122,900) gulps down 12.7 litres of of petrol for a 100km trip on an average, the same as Nissan Xterra (starting at Dh118,300), yet another popular vehicle in the same category.

Monthly» Then: Dh437 Now: Dh543


10. Porsche 911 GT3

Then: Dh21.3/100km Now: Dh26.5

The Porsche 911 sports car (starting at Dh491,200) primarily intended for life in the fast lane, the German 2-door coupe (3.8L engine) burns it quite fast too – gulping just about 12.4 litres for a 100km zip.

Monthly» Then: Dh426.5 Now: Dh530.7


Post hike speak

Mohammad Al Dah, 36, Emirati, engineer

“I have three cars - Range Rover, Chevrolet Silverado and Cadillac. Thankfully, the hike isn’t much. That said, I will use the Cadillac more often as it has the best mileage amongst all my cars.


Chris Dommett, 53, British, businessman

“I drive a Mitsubishi Pajero and will stick with it regardless of the fuel price hike as I need an SUV to go offroad. I also have two dogs and the Pajero is perfect to travel with them.”


Senthil Kumar, 38, Indian, businessman

“I run a maintenance firm and my work requires me to drive up to 400km daily. I drive a 2013 Toyota Corolla which is very fuel efficient. It costs Dh80 to fill the tank but now I will have to pay more.”


Yoshita Ahmad, 45, Sri Lankan, teacher

“I live in Sharjah and drive down to my school in Dubai. I have a 2000 model Landcruiser and a Honda Civic but it looks like I will have to dump the SUV as it’s not a viable option anymore.”



Calculations based on a 100-km drive from Al Mulla Plaza to

Jebel Ali and back, the distance many UAE motorists cover on weekdays


Basis of findings

Fuel economy of cars based on consumer reports, interviews with industry experts, independent tests and findings of leading automobile websites.

All calculations are approximate and based on the special (95 octane) grade petrol price.


*New petrol prices 2015

Super grade (98 octane): Now Dh2.14 per litre (Up 24.4% from Dh1.72 per litre)

Super grade (98 octane): Now Dh2.25 per litre (Up 22.9% from Dh1.83 per litre)

E-plus (91 octane): Now Dh2.07 per litre (Up 28.0% from Dh1.61 per litre)

*Starting August 1


The prices will be reviewed monthly. The Ministry of Energy has assigned a dedicated number (056-546 7942) and email id (fuelprice@moenr.gov.ae) for public inquiries on the new deregulated fuel prices.