A selection from ‘The Light Within’ exhibition by Michael Aboya Image Credit: Michael Aboya

Sharjah: The upcoming Xposure International Photography Festival in Sharjah has offered a glimpse into the exhibitions that will be held from February 9 to 15 at Expo Centre.

As many as 74 of the world’s best photographers and visual artists will display their work at the latest edition to the annual festival.

The exhibitions ‘The Light Within’ by Michael Aboya, ‘Iconic’ by Steve McCurry, and ‘Seeing Through Closed Eyes’ by Jose Tomas Lopez will offer perspectives on African culture, human identity, and creativity.

Meanwhile Filipp Kabanyayev’s exhibition called ‘Fallen Leaves’ and ‘The Contrast: Namibia’ by Dany Eid about the Namibian coast, aim to inspire new perspectives on the beauty and complexity of the natural world.

Also, Abdulla Jaafari’s ‘Automotive photography with Abdulla Jaafari’, and Novandro Manik’s exhibition ‘Siamese Fighting Fish: The Other Side’, offer an opportunity to learn about the challenges and beauty of capturing these subjects through the lens.

Moreover, Daniel Cheong’s exhibition ‘Imaginary Cityscapes’ and Ian Ruhter’s exhibition ‘Painting with Silver & Light’ on the 19th-century wet plate collodion process, showcase the artists’ exploration of new techniques and themes.

A picture from ‘Imaginary Cityscapes’ by Daniel Cheong Image Credit: Daniel Cheong

Additionaly, the exhibitions ‘Transformation of Narcissus 2023’ by Swee Choo Oh; ‘The Mystery of Life’ by Pedro Jarque Krebs; and ‘An Intimate Vision’ by Jodi Cobb, showcase the artists’ technical expertise in photography.

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Xposure also offers a wide range of seminars for visitors and creative professionals to learn about different aspects of photography and how to use the medium to create collectible or commercial works of art.

Douglas Dubler’s ‘A Fifty Year Photographic Odyssey’ will present on his five-decade journey as a professional photographer, covering his experience in the industry from fine art to commercial fashion and beauty photography. Gabriel Wickbold’s seminar ‘I am Online’ will be discussing the use of photography to explore modern issues and highlight the complexities of contemporary life, including the impact of social media.

Filipp Kabanyayev’s ‘How Knowledge Expands Imagination & Boosts Creativity’ will focus on the importance of how knowledge shapes our perception of the world and enhances our creativity.

Joel Grimes will present a session titled ‘The Artist In You’ on the joys of self-expression and the limitless potential of art.

A capture by Joel Grimes Image Credit: Joel Grimes

Bára Prášilová’s seminar ‘Circles’, will offer an in-depth look at her surreal and striking photography, discussing the themes and inspiration behind her images.