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Dubai: The sixth Dubai International Project Management Forum on Monday hosted Sunil Prashara, President and CEO, Project Management Institute (PMI), who addressed a keynote on the future trends in project management.

Prashara praised Dubai for its unprecedented growth over the last 25 years. He said this is reflected in the number of tourists, the infrastructure, the academia as well as accomplishments such as the largest mall, the tallest building, the biggest man-made island, and a wide culture mix.

“While the country’s core foundation was built on oil and the petro chemical industry, the leaders were always forward thinking. The government has invested tremendously in infrastructure, healthcare, academia, amongst many other factors that has led to tremendous growth and has contributed to people living a very comfortable and secure life,” Prashara added.

However, along with growth comes challenges. The population in the Middle East is expected to double to 750 million people by 2050. Around 34 per cent of the population in the UAE then will be below 25 years and this is not only an opportunity but a challenge, he added.

“Youth today identify with technology and technology is growing at an unprecedented pace and so in innovation. Technology changes the way people live and most definitely change the way people work. Hence youth coupled with technology creates a catalyst for change and transformation. Youth and technology will help in the development of many sectors, whether it be the petro-chemical, infrastructure, or the manufacturing sector.”

Prashara concluded: “Artificial Intelligence is a key contributor in today’s world and the Middle East has spent a lot of time in building its region along technology. Accordingly $100 million [around 367 million] are going to be set aside for AI to drive the youth. In Dubai, the youth have the opportunity to collaborate, work with each other creating opportunities for informative, disruptive technologies and innovations and the credit goes to the government for such opportunities.”